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at the Edwin Bemis Library, Littleton CO





Paintings accepted for juried exhibitions by the Paint Box Guild will be held to the highest standards of originality in subject, composition and from the artists’ own photo reference. Paintings must have been done within the past two (2) years.  Paintings that have received any award previously are not eligible. They may be submitted if they have been entered but have not received an award.


LOCATION: The Edwin A. Bemis Public Library, 6014 S Datura St., Littleton, CO 80120. Paintings are due at Bemis Library at 10:00am on the date determined by the library.

Please arrive promptly with paperwork in-hand to facilitate the check-in process.

JUROR: to be announced.


RECEPTION: A reception will be held on a Sunday, (as designated by the library), from 2pm to 4pm.  We ask that all members attend if possible. 


REFRESHMENTS: Members will provide light refreshments, such as cookies and finger foods.  Please display your “Sunday Best.”


ENTRY ELIGIBILITY:  Participation is open to active members only.  Business cards may be displayed on side tables in exhibitor’s own card holder and on the back of the painting. 

The hanging committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any paintings that do not meet PBG standards. Paintings must be in good condition, properly strapped (no saw tooth hangers or eye screws) and void of fingerprints and smudges.  NOTE TO MEMBERS:  Please review the Paint Box Policies in your handbook (Section V) regarding paintings, condition, and framing requirements.  

NUMBER OF PAINTINGS:  One (1) to two (2) paintings per member only. (Members may not remain in the room while jurying takes place.)  Non-selected paintings must be picked up by 3:00 p.m. once the jurying is completed. 


ENTRY FEE: A $10.00 per artist fee (not per piece) is due at the time the paintings are dropped off. Checks are made payable to Paint Box Guild and given to Treasurer, Linda Lippert.


SIZE LIMITATION:  Minimum 8” x 10” (frame size). Miniatures framed in an 8” x 10” frame or larger are acceptable.


BIN WORK:  Up to ten (10) pieces may be presented by juried-in artists for the reception, after which they must be removed. Bin submissions must be shrink wrapped or placed in plastic sleeves and labeled. Bin submissions may include original works, giclées and prints. Sales are between artist and buyer with 10% given to PBG and bin work is sold the night of the Reception only.


JURYING:  All submissions must be original work by the artist. No prints, giclées or photos will be accepted. If the artist is working from photographs, it must be from photos taken by the artist. Artists should be prepared to provide their reference photo(s) if requested. Works copied from other reference materials or done in a workshop where someone other than the artist has added even one brush stroke are not permitted.


AWARDS:  Ribbons will be awarded for Best of Show, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and three (3) honorable mentions.


PAPERWORK: Each member is required to complete a PBG Submission Form to be turned in to the designated committee member at the time the artwork is turned in.  Each member is required to complete two (2) PBG Cards printed clearly in black ink.  The first card is to hang face forward on the lower right-hand side just below the frame. Attach from the back with a strong tape such a shipping or masking tape (no Scotch tape). The second PBG card is to be affixed to the back of the painting. 

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