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Revised Business Minutes

March 4, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM by President Evelyn Rockett.

JoAnne Rauschkolb reported a balance of $2914.62 in our Treasury.  JoAnne

will be moving to Montrose, and offered to help our new treasurer, Linda

Lippert.  Linda volunteered to serve in that position the rest of the year, as

well as to be our Treasurer next year.


Gwen Raftery welcomed Mary Clarke, a new member, and Cele Bergstrom,

a potential member.   


Susan Yager has arranged for Allen Mallen to teach a Pet Portrait Workshop 

in oil on March 18.  Chuck Danforth will be conducting a watercolor workshop

on April 15.  Susan will be inviting members of the Heritage Art Guild and the

Littleton Fine Arts Guild to fill workshops to capacity, if the Paint Box Guild does

not do so.  

Paintings will be removed from Castle Rock venue at 3 PM on March 31. 


We may each enter two paintings in our juried show at Bemis Library on April 1.

The reception will be on Sunday, April 5.  Ribbons will be presented to our winning 
artists.   We all need to deliver snacks by 1 PM on April 5.  We are encouraged to

hang flyers everywhere, and invite our friends to see the show.  Our show will be 

juried by Chris Stevens, Greenwood Village Cultural Arts Director.


A new ribbon will be awarded in honor of Mary Skidmore and will be picked by the

juror.  There will also be first, second and third, and best of show awards to be

selected by the juror.  A new ribbon will be selected by attendees at the reception, 

which is the People’s Choice Award.


Roseann Gomez announced plans for our Spring Luncheon to be held June 3

at Arrowhead Gold Course.


Pat Dall, Rosemary Laughlin, Merrie Wicks, and Sue Williams were thanked

for furnishing delicious salads and desserts to accompany our pizza lunch today.


Maria Bouziane volunteered to be in the Spotlight and told us briefly her life story

as an artist.


We wish Monique and Nancy Cox Happy March Birthdays!


Becky Lucas informed us the Prospectus is and always has been on the Web Site.


On the advice of our Ad Hoc Committee, we voted to donate $100 to a Youth Program

with the Art Students League, and $100 to Project Angel Heart.


Our challenge for this month is “ Man-Made Structures.”


Maria Bouziane asked for suggestions for plein air painting sites for this summer.


Respectfully Submitted (as amended)

Ruth Miles


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