Business Minutes

February 4, 2021

Zoom Meeting


President Evelyn Rockett called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm


Those in attendance were:

BJ McLean, Fredia Cox, Connie Cawlfield, Linda Lippert, Linda Libby, Donna Hartman, Monique Moore, Nancy Cox, Roseann Gomez, Ruth Miles, Shirley Conrad, Sue Williams, Cele Bergstrom, Beth Narva, Patty Brougham, Maria Bouziane, Sharon Chinn, Suzanne Maxwell. (18)


Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Linda Lippert stated that the checking account balance was $3,475.67. She reported a small discrepancy of $2 from old transactions before she became the treasurer. Linda is transferring our Income & Expense reports to spread sheets for ease of budgeting and reporting in the future.


Committee Reports::

Membership: Monique Moore - Due to the  pandemic and restrictions, we have been unable to schedule any in person meetings, so she suggested that we temporarily cancel the guild’s requirement of attendance at 3 meetings and participation in 2 exhibits. Some may be wary of bringing paintings for an exhibit. It was agreed that it would not be fair to penalize members in these times of the Covid pandemic, so the requirements are suspended until we can resume normal in person business meetings. Linda said she had spoken to Eleanor, the church secretary at First Presbyterian Church and they are still holding our place when we can return. 


Workshops: None due to Covid


Exhibits: Linda Libby  - Our next show is at the Philip S. Miller Library at 100 South Wilcox St., Castle Rock, CO 80104. This will be for the months of April and May 2021. There is a 10% commission so price accordingly, it will hold 40 to 70 pieces so plan to bring 3 or 4 paintings. They have good traffic in there. Sharon visited it and said the paintings will hang in a long hall. It may be hard to social distance when hanging. Linda will visit the library upon her return to Denver and can give further details. We will need some volunteers to help hang the show.

Atlas Coffee Shop, 11757 West Ken Caryl Ave., Littleton, CO 80127. Put up May 1st and take down May 31st. This is a miniature show. No paintings over 8 X 10” in size.Volunteers will be needed for help with check in and hanging, and also for take down. 

Bemis Library, Littleton. No commission (10% commission to PBG). We have been offered a 3rd show by Bemis in January of 2022. We are already scheduled for October of 2021 and that will be a juried show. We are also booked for April of 2022. Do we want to have a 2nd juried show? The group decided Yes to that.


Social - Betty Carr & Rosemary Laughlin - no due to Covid

Refreshments - Pam Mason - no due to Covid

Spotlight - Beth Narva - no due to Covid


Sunshine: BJ McLean - She sent cards of well wishes, sympathy, thank you’s, surgery get well, to Rosemary, Becky, Linda Libby, Sue Williams, Becky again, Ann Neal and Rosemary again. She said that Shianne’s husband Bret is in the hospital and asked us to send cards, prayers and well wishes to Shianne.


Webmaster: Shianne DeTamble & Suzanne Maxwell - no report.

Facebook Facilitator & Historian & Publicity:  Connie Cawlfield - She will send information to Sonia Ellingboe about PBG and who we are, mission statement, cute human interest stories from the beginning of our group back in the 1970’s on through. She needs stories from any of you senior members who remember our founders and early members (BJ, Fredia, Ruth, Pam, others). We mentioned Ellis Arnold to her who did a feature in all the Independent papers and online on PBG in March of 2019 and perhaps he would want some submissions as well.


Library: Sharon Rose Chinn - No report since we can’t get to our library in the Church. Sharon mentioned watching the Streamline videos on YouTube or FaceBook.

Ad Hoc Report: no report


Summer Plein Air: Merrie Wicks, Maria Bouziane. As the weather warms up toward Spring perhaps we can schedule paint outs fairly soon. We usually know by Monday when Merrie sends out email about paint outs if it will be warm enough on Wednesday (maybe over 70) to schedule a get together.

Fall Trip: Sue Williams. Sue and Bill are going to look at Trinidad. Cele spoke about Fisher’s Peak Colorado’s newest State Park. I Googled it and read articles that the mayor is trying to encourage tourism to Trinidad around this new park. It is a huge park and is the site of the former "Crazy French Ranch." Sue said they will plan a trip down there to check out facilities, places to stay, amenities at the park, etc. 


Old Business - New Business: Fredia mentioned the Plein Air Convention put on by Streamline Publishing coming up in May of 2021 here in town. It is fairly expensive to attend but suggested that we Google it to get the details on it if interested in going.


BJ McLean made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Beth Narva.


Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Maxwell

Business Minutes

October 7, 2020


Officer Reports:

Vice President Donna Hartman called the meeting to order at 10:00 am at Sterne Park. 

President Evelyn Rockett was unable to attend.:


Treasurer: Treasurer Linda Lippert reported a balance of $3,534.00 in our checking account.


Committee Reports:

Membership: Monique Moore has been updating us with current Membership Lists. We currently have 38 members with two openings for prospective members.

Monique sent a request in an email to me as follows:

Due to the pandemic and restrictions, we have been unable to schedule any meetings. Some may be wary of bringing paintings for an exhibit. Could we discuss possibly withdrawing our requirements for this year of attendance at 3 meetings and participation in 2 exhibits. We will need to vote on this on Wednesday. 

Also, we need a Publicity Chairman to handle contact with local media to publicize Paint Box Guild shows and exhibits. Please step up to fill this position as it has been vacant for a while.

We need an Exhibits Committee person to do back up for Linda Libby when she is traveling. This person would need to send reminder emails for drop off and pickup dates for shows and exhibits. This person would also need to help with check-ins at shows and hanging shows. 

We also need a group of volunteers to hang paintings at shows and exhibits.I have attached Linda Libby’s Fine Arts Exhibits Spring 2021 lists to this email

Exhibits: Linda Libby Attached at the end of this email are 2 pages of Linda’s Fine Arts Exhibits for Spring 2021. The good news is that Sharon Chinn has sold her painting hanging in Littleton Adventist Hospital.

No reports for: Workshops, Social, Refreshments, Webmaster, Facebook Facilitator & Historian, Publicity, Ad Hoc report, Fall Trip,

Spotlight: Beth Narva presented Susan Yager  Susan gave a recap of craft work she did early on with dolls, made Christmas trees, beaded flowers, etc. In 1988 she worked for a law firm and stayed until retirement. She lived in Maui. She showed some of her early work paintings with the background stories of them. Later she moved back to Denver and took drawing at Emily Griffith. She was working in acrylics at that time, She switched to oils and took classes at the Art Student’s League of Denver, and took a class with Quang Ho, plus other classes with Ken Velastro and Doug Dawson. She signed up for a class in Athens, Greece and also took workshops in Taos, NM. She studied Chinese oil painters. She studied with Evelyn Martinez (who has done workshops for PBG). She met Sue Shank who told her about the Paint Box Guild. Susan has been handling our Workshops and has brought many great artists to us back in those wonderful days when we could have workshops in the Church. We are so grateful to Susan for her excellent efforts for the Guild. Thank you, Susan.

Sunshine: BJ McLean has sent out cards to members who were ill, or lost family members. She wished Happy Birthday to all our October birthdays. She will have updates for us on Wednesday.

Library: Sharon Rose Chinn. Sharon gave a report on a book in our library on making greeting cards for holidays.

Plein Air Paintouts: Merrie Wicks & Maria Bouziane As soon as the weather turns warm we want to try to resume our weekly paint outs as we have some warm days in the early Spring.

New Business: We have been informed that Becky Lucas will be leaving us in a few months and moving to NM. Becky has been our Webmaster and set up our entire web site for the Guild. We will be sorry to see her leave us. Shianne DeTamble and Suzanne Maxwell will be taking it over from Becky. She had agreed to give Shianne some instructions on how to maintain our web site. Since we spoke about possibly establishing our own Internet Art Gallery separate from our web site, it will require more work from our webmasters as it will need to be updated frequently. 



To avoid confusion we will mute attendees during the meeting, if you have a question or comment make a little white flag with a piece of paper taped to a pencil and raise it when you want to speak so I an unmute you, There Is also a chat box in the lower right corner of the computer screen so you can type in a question and I can ask Evelyn. 


Suzanne Maxwell is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Here is the link to our meeting. Just click on the link to enter the meeting. This is a recurring meeting each week if you wish to join us. Save this email with the link so you can use it each time you want to come to our meeting,


Topic: Suzanne Maxwell's Zoom Meeting

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet at Wednesdays at 1 pm.


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