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The Next Business Meeting of our 2023-24 season will be held on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 2024 AT 10:00 AM



(park in the side lot on Windermere St., and enter through the side door.)

(Note: There are no business meetings in December, or in June, July, and August.



WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 2023 AT 11:30 am,






MARCH REFRESHMENTS: Suzanne Maxwell & Beth Narva


APRIL REFRESHMENTS; Susan Yager & Beth Collins


MAY REFRESHMENTS: Sharon Chinn & Donna Hartman  





FEBRUARY 7, 2024

Paint Box Guild Business Meeting Notes February 2024


President, Joan Zivic, called the business meeting to order at 10:05 am.

Under the PBG Operating Policies it stated that the members needed to

sign wavers of liability for each outing. The membership unanimously

changed and passed that we would renew this waiver every five years.

Vice President, Shirley Conrad, asked those who come to the Church on

February 14 to paint, park across the street. The Church needs to have

parking spaces for those participating in Ash Wednesday services.

Secretary, Patti Brougham, cited a change in the January Business Notes:

Under Membership, the CBS file should be changed to the CVS file.

Treasurer. Linda Lippert, reiterated the Workship fees as:

$30 per PBG member, $35 Member Emeritus and $40 non-members

Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, reported a full roster of 40 members.

Bob Torgerson attended our meeting as a potential member.

Workshop Chair, Jai Wangsai, talked about the upcoming workshop on

February 21st with Dan Marshall. Check for her email about specifics.

In January, Dennis Pendleton, was our artist and provided a painterly day.

Exhibit Chairs, Linda Libby and Beth Collins, presented a lively list:

February - no event

March 4 - 12:00 Castle Rock Library- 30 pieces needed.

A digital photo and specifics need to be sent to Linda Libby ASAP-no later

than March 14 so she can send the information to Mary Wilson to review

for the art to hang at Littleton Hospital. The theme is “Inspired by Nature”.

April 4- Hanging at Littleton Hospital

April 23- Take down at Zing Credit 10:00 am

May PBG Juried Show at Bemis Library * April 30- 10:00 am drop off for

the show -Prospectus is on line $10 entry fee per person - Juror, Jennifer

Perlow, consultant, curator and director of art services. Reception, May 5

and take down on May 30.

Refreshment Chair, Pam Mason, thanked Monique Moore and Beth Narva

for today’s goodies.

Social Chair, Evelyn Rockett, announced the Spring Luncheon will be at the

Lone Tree Golf Course.

Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, introduced Suzanne Maxwell as our presenter.

Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell, talked about the website

( may submit 4 images of their

work for the Members Gallery - send digital images to Suzanne and she

will post them (no images under glass). For best results place your

painting in the shade outside on the ground and shoot straight down.

Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, reiterated that books can just be borrowed

and returned after a reasonable time. It is totally on the honor system.

Summer Plein Air Chairs, Mary Ellen Wolfe and Donna Hartman are

working on the events.

Fall Trip Chairs, Monique Moore and Beth Narva, have taken hold of the

reins and are planning this event at Glen Eyrie. Keep Tuesday through

Friday open during the third week in September.

Business News

New- Mariposa plugged the Cityscape Artists of Littleton as a group who

will be painting outside(inside)at participating businesses in downtown

Littleton from May -September from 3-7:30 on the final Friday of these

months. Each artist will be personally responsible for his/her sales. The

city is trying to promote downtown Littleton as an artists’ haven. If you

would like to commit to these places and times and be a part of this

group, please contact Mariposa.


If anyone is interested in showing his/her art at the Greenwood Village

Elementary School in May, please contact Toni.


Meeting adjourned 11:15


Respectfully submitted by Patti Brougham


PBG Business Meeting Minutes January 3, 2024



Meeting called to order by our President, Joan Zivic, at 10:10 am.

Updating bylaws and policies of Paint Box Guild:

1. Annual membership fee raised from $35 to $50-discussion and


2. Under committees- schedule of activities during the summer months-

from having those preparing a schedule of outings and distributing it

to the members at the Spring Luncheon to having members check

their emails and PBG website for the updated information each week.

Joan will email a copy of the updated policies and bylaws to the

membership and it will be posted on the PBG website as well.


Vice-President, Shirley Conrad, had no report.


Secretary, Patti Brougham’s, November PBG Minutes were approved.


Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $2212.64.


Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, reported 39 members and Kay

Nunnery will be our next member. She works in watercolor and supports

her journey through selling printed cards, calendars and journals of her


Richard will send members a CBS file (up to date emails of members) to

those members who want to send their own emails out to the group

instead of having to go through Richard. Just contact him.


Workshop Chair, Jai Wangsai, related the next workshop with Dennis

Pendleton will be on Wednesday, January 17th from 10-3. He uses

watercolor and his supply list will be sent by Jai to participating artists. It

is also posted on the PBG website under Workshops.

The November workshop with Richard Rodriquez was well attended and

highly rated by those in attendance.


Exhibits Chairs Linda Libby and Beth Collins-related a busy schedule of

PBG art hangings, starting 2024 with the Zing Credit Union in January-15

paintings hanging.

February 2024 nothingMarch - April 2024 Castle Rock Library- there are 2 rooms to hang our

paintings and 37-40 paintings are needed. There is a hanging system in

place to use.

April-June Littleton Adventist Hospital 20-24 paintings needed. Check the

website for more details.

May PBG Juried Show at Bemis Library- Monique Moore is the

Coordinator. Check the website for further details.

July 2024 Columbine Library (the only hanging for the 2024 summer- no

further summer commitments ). Freida Cox is in charge of this venue.


Social Chair, Evelyn Rockett via Shianne DeTamble recalled a good turnout

at the December Luncheon at Lone Tree Golf Course. The next luncheon

is in June.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, introduced Roseanne Gomez as our



Refreshments Chair, Pam Mason, thanked Jai and Toni for today’s



Sunshine Chair, B.J. McLean, reminded members to let her know if a

member needs a card sent from our group. She is super speedy at

fulfilling requests.


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, was not present. Joan Zivic related how easy

it is to borrow a book and just return it…………Lots of books to inspire our



Summer Plein Air Chairs, Mary Ellen Wolf and Donna Hartman, request

ideas for our summer schedule of painting outside June, July and August.

Members and those interested in participating need to check their email

and/or the website for the most current information for each week.


Fall Trip is being researched by Linda Libby. She is suggesting Garden of

the Gods area. She can get information if we are interested but cannot

work on the execution of the fall trip. Someone needs to help her out if we

are interested.


Webmaster and Facebook Chair, Suzanne Maxwell, keeps us going. Log

into the website on your computer for the most recent information. Or on your phone on the upper left side of the

Guild’s screen are 3 little lines- click of them and the menu will drop down

for you to select the information needed. On Facebook you have to

contact Suzanne ( and she will let you in. This account

can only be accessed if you have your own Facebook account.

There is a Gallery for our members to post up to 4 paintings. Send

Suzanne a digital picture and she can do the rest. The painting’s photo

cannot be used if the glass reflection shows up on the digital copy.


Old Business- none


New Business- Mariposa is the person to notify to be a part of The

Cityscape Artists of Littleton. Her email address is This is an urban sketching group that meets

once a week in and around Littleton and sketches. Pastels and Oils are a

no no.

She is also putting together a group that will paint on the last Friday of

each month in and around the participating merchants in Littleton. Final

Fridays will be open from 5-8pm from the month of May through

September. A participating artist can sketch or paint on the street and sell

the painting. Each participating artist must have her/his own tax license

and do your own sales.


Meeting adjourned 11:00 am.


Respectfully submitted by Patti Brougham


Paint Box Guild Business Meeting Minutes November 1, 2023

President Joan Zivic called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. With a

quorum of seventeen members present, there were several changes to the

PBG Policies and Bylaws that needed to be voted on by those present.

Changes voted on and passed at this meeting:

Article IX Amendments- after deliberation of a change or changes to the

Bylaws, a vote will be taken at the same meeting.

It now reads: Proposed amendments to these Bylaws will be deliberated

at a regular meeting with a vote after deliberation at that meeting.

Affirmative vote by 2/3 of Active Members attendance will amend these


VIII Notification- after discussion and voting, the word POLICY was

removed because this information is already stated in the Bylaws.

It now reads: Proposed amendments to the Bylaws …

VIII- Notification- after discussion and voting the word PENDING was


It now reads: Members not in attendance at the meeting where the

discussion and vote occur will be notified of the change(s) by the minutes

of the meeting.

I Meeting Place-removed the words “make a donation to the church for

the use of the space in the amount of $85 per month,…

It now reads: The Guild will pay a monthly fee to the church for the Guild’s

use of the space during the months of September through May.

II Meetings-took out …after the business meeting and on other

Wednesdays except when a workshop is in session.

It now reads: Studio painting may be done on the first and third

Wednesdays from September through May except when a workshop is in


III Kinds of Members and Requirements: A. Active members -after

deliberation and voting the words $35.00 yearly dues in September…..

It now reads: Pay yearly dues in the amount of $50.00 that ensures the

financial solvency of the Paint Box Guild. Dues will be paid in full at thefirst business meeting or when changes in dues are approved by 2/3 of the

members at the meeting when the changes are proposed.

* An assessment of $15.00 was discussed and voted on for this year due

to the increase of the Guild’s monthly church rental fee of $125.00.

Active members will now pay dues of $50.00 per year.

* Assessments and fee increases can be discussed and voted on with this

new wording.

* the increase in the rental fee is due to inflation and the increase the

church is paying for services now needed eg. cleaning fee of $75.00 is

part of our rental fee, additional cost increase in gas and electricity of the

church, etc.

B. General Policies- …prepare a resume for the Guild album, which may

include photographs of the artist’s work.

It now reads: Members may display, at any one time, a maximum of 4

photos of their work on the Guild’s website.

IV. Workshops-These workshop policies were voted on a approved at the

September meeting

2. The Workshop Chair will contract the instructor for a fee of $600.00.

7a. Each workshop costs Active Members a non-refundable #30.00 to


7b. Emeritus members may sign up after Active Members have signed

up, subject to space availability. Emeritus members will pay a $35.00 non-

refundable fee.

7c. Non-members may sign up subject to space availability. Non-

members will pay a non-refundable fee of $40.00.

Deferred to the next meeting (January2024) - Article IV. Dues…..


Secretary, Patti Brougham’s , October minutes were approved.


Treasurer, Linda Lippert, declared a balance of $2043.65.


Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, stated there are 38 members at this

time. Instead of presenting each new member with a notebook of “ Things

to Know About Our Guild”, he summarized the information to a one page

handout with QR codes that can be scanned for information about ourGuild. Restated that the PBG website ( has all

of the updated information posted for members’ use.


Workshop Chair, Jai Wangsai, has Richard Rodriquez as our first workshop

Instructor. He will teach on Wednesday, November 15, from 9-3. Shianne

and Fredia will provide treats. Bring a painting that is almost completed

and a blank canvas, oils ( or other media ) and he will bring new meaning

to the words “mark making”. Materials for this workshop are posted on

the website! January’s instructor is Dennis Pendleton with watercolors.


Exhibits Chairs, Beth Collins and Linda Libby, gave us a rundown of

exhibits for this year:

1. Lone Tree Recreation Center November

2. Zing Credit Union January

3. Castle Rock Library. March

4. Littleton Adventist Hospital April

5. Bemis Library (juried show). May

Be sure and check the website for specifics.


Social Chair, Evelyn Rockett, has booked the Lone Tree GOLF COURSE

( 9808 Sunnyvale Boulevard ) for our December luncheon. Be there by

11:30 and bring a wrapped little painting for the exchange, if that is

something you would like to do! Check the website for more details.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, introduced Nancy Smyth as our guest



Refreshment Chair, Pam Mason, thanked Merrie Wicks, Fredia Cox and

Evelyn Rockett for the goodies.


Sunshine Chair, BJ McLean, sent cards to the family of Dorrie Rice, a past

member of PBG; to the family of Pat Dall to acknowledge her death and

her long, active and appreciated membership in our Guild and to Nancy

Cox whose husband is ill.


Fall Trip Chair is vacant.


Historian/Publicist Chair is vacant.


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, reviewed Nita Leland’s book, THE NEW

CREATIVE ARTIST, to let members know she encourages play with your

materials to break out of a slump.


Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell, explained that new and present members

can send 4 photos of their work to her to post in the Members’ Gallery on

the PBG website. Pictures of the artwork must NOT include the glass in

the frame.

On your phone to get into the PBG website you must: Put into the search bar and then on the upper left

hand side of the screen you will see 3 horizontal bars, click here and the

menu will appear.

To get to the PBG Facebook page, you must request permission from

Suzanne to access this page and you should have a facebook page listed

in your name.


Summer Plein Aire Chairs, Donna Hartman and Mariposa Maranga will tell

us the schedule as we move closer to the summer months.


Old Business: none


New Business:

1. The Miniature Show at the Church on Sunday, November 5, 9-12.

Check the website for more and updated information.

2. Welcome Kathy Leach, one of our new members.

3. Old Town Urban Sketchers with Mariposa Maranga and Donna

Hartman Thursdays 1-3 (winter hours). No oils, or acrylics- use media that

is easy to transport and not messy. Contact Mariposa and she will send

you the list of places that this group will meet each week.

4. The Church has asked us to stack the chairs along the sides of the

room when we are finished using the room, unless otherwise requested.

5. Another new change to the Church/PBG contract is: if Ficklin Hall,

where we meet, is occupied after the designated 3:00pm stop time, an

extension fee of $75.00 per hour will be put in place.


Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Patti Brougham-November 9, 2023





October 4, 2023


Paint Box Guild Business Minutes October 2023



Vice-President, Shirley Conrad, called the meeting to order at 10:05

( President Joan Zivic is still traveling in China).


Secretary, Patti Brougham, had the Amended Minutes of September, 2023



Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $2242.00.


Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, welcomed new members-

Pete Gabardi, Toni Cappuccio, Madonna Lane, Kathy Leach and

Mariposa Marangia.

Joan Close will move to Emeritus status, leaving an opening to fill in the



Workshop Chair has been filled by Jai Wangsi and Merrie Wicks will co-

chair. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops.


Exhibit Chair, Beth Collins (co-chair Linda Libby) announced the PBG

Exhibit Calendar for 2023-2024. It was emailed to each member. Please

check our website for current information and/or updates.

The Parker Exhibit’s sixteen paintings were hung by Freda Cox and others

for the month of October.

November’s exhibit will be at the Lone Tree Recreation Center. This exhibit

will hang from November 2- November 29. Members who plan to hang a

painting can bring it to the November, Wednesday PBG Business Meeting

and Beth Collins will take it to Lone Tree for you.

No exhibit for December.

January will be at the Zing Credit Union.

No exhibit for February.

March will be at the Castle Rock Library.

April will be at the Littleton Adventist Hospital.

May will be our annual juried show at Bemis Library.


Calling all artists for the Miniature Show at the Church on Sunday,

November 5th. 7am-12 space limited- any small art related items made by

the artist- contact Freda Cox ( or Suzanne Maxwell-( check our website for specifics.


Check the website for more informationRefreshments sponsored by Ruth Miles and Roseann Gomez.


Social Chair, Evelyn Rockett, is working on our December luncheon.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Nara, introduced Merrie Wicks to tell us about her



Sunshine Chair, BJ McLean, has been busy: thank you notes to Linda

Lippert for the summer pot luck luncheon; Sue and Bill Williams for the fun

Fall trip to Palisade, Colorado; Cindy King, Colorado artist, for opening her

home to us in Palisade and Donna Hartman and Mary Ellen Wolf for

providing us with such a great variety of plein air opportunities this

summer. Sympathy cards were sent to Roseann Gomez who lost her

sister and Rochelle White who lost her husband. Former member and

prolific artist Pat Dahl, was sent a “thinking of you” card.

Please contact BJ if you know of any member who needs a card sent from

the PBG group.


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, was not present.


Suzanne Maxwell ( Webmaster, Facebook Coordinator

and all around good person explained the site as the GO TO place to catch up on all of

the latest PBG news. There is a members gallery where each member can

post four paintings. Each photo needs to be sent to Suzanne for posting-

please take the photo before glass is placed on it for framing purposes.

Not all paintings will need glass.


Fall Trip Chair, Sue Williams, is stepping down after providing members

with the chance to paint in Palisade, Colorado this year. She and her

husband, Bill have very successfully coordinated our trips for the past

several years. We thank them for all of their hard work. Bill has put

together a pdf file with pictures of the trip-check the website.


Old Business- none


New Business- Freda Cox, BJ McLean and Suzanne Maxwell have a

show hanging at Bemis Library.It was suggested that we do urban sketching after the business meetings

for anyone who would be so inclined. New member, Mariposa Marangia

has an urban sketching group who get together each Thursday 9-1 at

different Littleton locations. Just email her for more information-

Meeting adjourned at 10:45.

Respectfully submitted by Patti Brougham, Secretary




Amended Paint Box Guild Business Meeting Minutes 

September 6. 2023



President, Joan Zivic, welcomed everyone back to a new year at

10:05 a.m.


Vice-President, Shirley Conrad, reminded everyone to sign into each meeting. Each member is required to be present for 3 business meetings and exhibit in 2 shows each year.


Secretary, Patti Brougham’s May Business Meeting Minutes were approved.  A big thank you went out to Susan Yeager for helping put  together the mailing list.


Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $1172.66.

Last year PBG took in $6,364,00-spent $6,666.97 deficit of $302.97


Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, revealed our membership of 36 artists- with 3 spaces available.

Welcomed a new member, Pete Gabardi, a retired pilot whose mediums include pastels and gouache.


Workshop Chair is vacant.  Susan Yeager and Nancy Smyth have resigned.  There will be 4 workshops this year instead of 8.  Each workshop can accommodate 20 participants.

Each member will pay a non-refundable $30.00 fee.  A member needs to find a replacement if he/she cannot attend.  There may be a waiting list.  Other clubs may be contacted to fill the workshop space if the PBG list has been exhausted.

Non-members will pay $40.00.

The presenting workshop artist will receive $600.00


Exhibit Chair, Linda Libby [ Beth Collins], reporting a total of 6 exhibits this year. The exhibit at St. Andrew’s Church this summer will count as one exhibit for this year for those who participated.

September 11–Malley Senior Center.  20 paintings needed.

October - Parker Library

November- Lone Tree Recreation Center

November- Miniature Show at the Church Community Room from 7-12

Check PBG website for ALL  information about exhibits.


Social Chair is filled by Evelyn Rockett.

Refreshment Chair, Pam Mason, filled the monthly business meeting treat schedule.  Thanks to Pam and BJ for the September treats.


Sunshine Chair, BJ McLean, is busy sending cards to members for various reasons.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, chooses a PBG artist each month to tell the membership about his/her life and artistic journey in 10 minutes- plus some original works to show.



Facebook and Website Chair, Suzanne Maxwell, posts all information on the PBG website-  Each PBG member may show 4 original painting.  Send picture of original work [ no glass in frame ] to Suzanne, she will work with it and post it on our website in the Member’s Gallery under your name. 

If you have an active facebook account, you can post your paintings on the PBG Facebook page as another way to promote your work.

Art related announcements pertaining to Paint Box Guild will also be posted on this site, for example:  seeking new members for our group, events, etc.


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, encouraged us to use our selection of art books.  Check out is on the honor system and the artist may borrow a book for up to 2 months.


FallTrip Chair, Sue Williams, has planned a trip to Palisade, Colorado from Tuesday, September 19- Friday, September 22!  She will resign her position after this Fall trip!


Old Business- none

New Business- a wonderful End of Summer Pot Luck was held in Linda

Lippert’s back yard.  Thank you for sharing your outdoor splendor with us!  A good time was had by all!

Evelyn Rockett shared a thought of having the same art instructor for maybe 3 consecutive Wednesdays as an alternative for our workshop venue.

Note:  all changes made to the workshop and juried show events were voted on and passed with a quorum present.  Those changes include:

1.  Having only 4 workshops per year (20 attendees)

2.  Raising the cost of a member’s non-refundable fee per workshop to $30.00.

3.  Raising the cost of a guest’s fee to $40.00 per workshop.

4.  Raising the fee paid to an art instructor per workshop to $600.00.

5.  Raising the fee paid to the juror for our annual juried show to $250.00.


It was suggested that PBG create a brochure or card to pass out to people who are curious about “ Who we are and what we do” that seem to gather when we plein air paint.  It was also discussed that those of us who have business cards please pass them out and put the information on the back as to how we can be found  on social media—


Shirley Conrad will conduct the October Business Meeting.


 The Best of Colorado Show is now at The Depot.


Respectfully submitted by Patti Brougham, September 11, 2023.





10:05am Meeting called to order by President Evelyn Rockett.


Vice-President, Shirley Conrad, was present.


Secretary, Patti Brougham’s, April 2023 Business Meeting Minutes were approved.

Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $1303.01.


Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, moved Nancy Cox to an Associate Membership.  We now have 35 active members.


Workshop Chairs, Susan Yeager and Nancy Smyth, thanked everyone for supporting this year’s group of artists for our workshops.  

Nancy Smyth will be our leader for our last workshop with watercolor artist, Kathleen Lanzoni at Hudson Gardens on May 17th.  We will meet at Justin’s bridge at 10:00am.  Bring your lunch and good humor.  In case of bad weather, we will meet at the church.


Exhibit Chair, Linda Libby, reminded us of our annual juried show in May   at Bemis Library. May 7th is the reception from 2-4pm.  Drop off May 1, 10:00am and pick up May 31, 10:00am.

The 2023-2024 Exhibit Year begins with the show at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church on June 16th.  Drop off paintings starting at 8:00am.

Take down, July 26 between 4:30-6:30pm.  Check the PBG website for information about a reception.

September 2023- Malley Recreation Center

July 2024- Columbine Library


Social Chairs, Joan Zivic and Nancy Cox, will see us at Fox Hollow Golf Course on Wednesday, June 7th at 11:30 for our Spring Luncheon.


Pam Mason thanked Beth Collins and Patti Brougham for bringing treats,


Sunshine Chair, B.J. McLean,  has kept us up to date with sending cards to those who need to hear from our PBG group.


Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell, has our PBG website up to date so be sure to check in and see what is happening. 

And as a reminder, each member may show up to four paintings in the PBG Gallery.

Suzanne also makes all of our programs and poster for our annual show and she needs pictures of the paintings from the winners of last year’s show.


Library Chair, Sharon Chin, reviewed a book in our library entitled OIL PAINTER’S GUIDE TO PAINTING TREES- the author presents a problem and then offers a solution.


En Plein Air Chairs, Mary Ellen Wolf and Donna Hartman, reminded us that we will start each Wednesday Paint Out at 9:00am due to our hot summer weather.  

June 14- Monique Moore’s garden

June 21- Trading Post at Red Rocks

June 28- Urban sketching at the Graceful Cafe in downtown Littleton.

In case of bad weather, Mary Ellen’s home will be available.

Check the PBG website and your personal email for more information each week.


Fall Trip with Sue Williams will meet after our business meeting today.


New Business:

Our annual juried show will spotlight one of  Rosemary Laughlin’s paintings.  She will be missed by our PBG members.  Our sympathy to her family.

There is a pop-up show May 1st-7th at The Depot highlighting two of our PBG members, Merrie Wicks and Richard Simpson.  Reception is Friday  4-6pm.

Those going on the Fall Trip are to meet for details of our trip to Palisades, Colorado in September.



Respectfully submitted,

by Patti Brougham

June 1, 2023



Paint Box Guild

Business Meeting Minutes April 5, 2023

President, Evelyn Rockett, called the meeting to order at 10:05am

Vice-President, Shirley Conrad, was in attendance.

Secretary, Patti Brougham, sent the March Business Minutes to Suzanne Maxwell, who posted them on the website. Members were unable to get an individual copy, due to computer problems.

Treasurer, Linda Lippert, paid the rent to the church up to and including May. Our balance is $1350.64.

Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, revealed the membership is down to 36 members. There is no waiting list. Let him know if you know of anyone who wants to join.

Workshop Chairs, Susan Yeager and Nancy Smith, provided the information for the April Workshop with Pam Hake. She paints abstractly with acrylics. Her work can be viewed at Sync Gallery. Susan will send out a materials list.
Last month’s workshop with Patricia Barr Clark proved to be a day of learning about color and helpful hints from the artist.

Exhibits Chair, Linda Libby shared a full list of present and upcoming events:
NOW HANGING: El Mason Restaurant, Belmar Library and Littleton Hospital-Check the website ( for further information.

UPCOMING: May Juried PBG Show; Dean Buehler, juror; Bemis Library- May 1st drop off at 10:00 am with a $10 entry fee for 1-2 paintings (8 by 10 minimum) a painting is eligible if it has not received a previous award from PBG, gallery wrapped canvas 2 inch minimum is also approved- reception Sunday, May 7, 2-4 PM ( Pam Mason coordinator ) take down May 31st 10:00AM

St. Andrew’s Methodist Church June 16 ( 8-9 drop off and will hang that day from 9-12- help needed- Theme is “Look What God Has Made”- maybe a June 18 reception?-take down July 26th 4:30-6:30

Malley Center- second week of September- may bring your painting to the September business meeting and Linda will transport and hang it.
Parker Library-October-Linda will collect paintings
Lone Tree Recreation Center- November 40 paintings needed

Parker Hospital or Castlerock Hospital- January-March
Denver Community Credit Union
We will be required to hang paintings in two shows and the juried show is allowed to be counted as one of the requirements.
A gallery wrapped canvas or panel of 2” is allowed
There will be 6 shows available for PBG members to exhibit.

Social Chair, Joan Zivic, reminded us once again that the June Luncheon will be held at Fox Hollow Restaurant. Menu, sign up and payment due at the May meeting.


Refreshments Chair, Pam Mason, is passing around a sheet for members to volunteer for the PBG Juried Show reception in May.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, thanked everyone who graciously accepted and spoke in the Spotlight section of our meetings. She will be calling on artists in the future to tell us about their artistic journey.


Sunshine Chair, BJ McLean has been busy sending cards.


Webmaster and Designer, Suzanne Maxwell, is posting new information on our website ( ) every day. Please check for business meeting minutes, more explicit exhibit information, members’ gallery and much, much more.


Librarian, Sharon Chin, had no report.

Facebook Facilitator and Historian, Connie Cawlfield, is leaving our group and a new person is needed to take her place.


Publicity Chair is still open.


Summer Plein Aire Chairs, Mary Ellen Wolf and Donna Hartman are ready to put member’s summer gardens on the list, if anyone would like to display their beautiful flowers for us to paint/. Thanks to Monique Moore

for bravely stepping up in June. Other suggestions include animals like horses and/or hiring a clothed model.

Fall Trip is still in the making with Sue Williams. Old Business——none


New Business:

Patti Brougham has a new email address for just art and PBG

Merrie Wicks and Richard Simpson plus 3 other artists will be part of a Pop Up Art Show at The Depot for the first week in May. Reception- May 5th 4-6pm

The new board for the 2023-2024 was voted in:

President, Joan Zivic
Vice-President, Shirley Conrad
Secretary, Patti Brougham

Treasurer, Linda Lippert

12:00 meeting ended
Notes respectively submitted by Patti Brougham





President, Evelyn Rockett, called the meeting to order at 10:03 am.  

Our annual pizza party is next month and Joan Zivic is making it happen.  Please mark your pizza choice on the paper on the front table.


Vice President, Shirley Conrad, was present and taking note of those who signed in for the meeting.


Secretary, Patti Brougham, sent out the February minutes but the second page was not received.  It contained the new business ideas discussed including:

  1. The approval of an increase for our workshop presenters

  2. The approval of an increase for the artist who juries our annual show


Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $1592.51


Membership Chair, Robert Simpson, reported our Guild has 36 members.  

He introduced Rochelle White, our newest member.


Workshop Coordinator, Nancy Smyth, announced that Patricia Barr Clark is the guest artist for March.  She will be painting in watercolor, “The Colors of Spain”,  and will be talking about color, value, negative space and composition.  She will have references to use but your own photos can be used.  The materials list will be sent out by Nancy.

The February workshop with Andy Mallen produced many wonderful pet portraits from it’s attendees, thanks to her generous tips.

Business meeting attendees ( a quorum ) An idea tossed around was to limit our workshops to the months that are more likely to have better weather, i.e. October, April and May.  It was also suggested that we have an artist come to demo his/her techniques after our business meeting.  Stay tuned!


Exhibit Chair, Linda Libby, related that today the Guild will hang 15-20 paintings at the El Mason Restaurant. 

Roseanne Gomez sold 3 paintings at the Goodson Recreation Center last month and related that our group hung only 10 paintings when there was room for 14. 

Paintings can be dropped off at the Belmar Library on April 3 at 5:30pm for the month of April.

April 4 at 10:00 am- hanging at Littleton Hospital.  The theme for this show is “Spirituality” meaning any subject matter that is up lifting.  Paintings are to be dropped off outside where Linda and Sue will be stationed.  The hospital strongly requests that we do not hang around after the painting is checked in.  Linda Libby needs to have a photo of your painting and all the information to include on the card by Friday, March 17th.

St. Andrew’s Church is from June16-July 21.  The theme is “Spirituality”. We will need 40 to 60 paintings plus things to fill the display cabinet,  i.e. crafts, jewelry etc. The  Church’s  ambition is  to become the Art Center for Highland’s Ranch.  Check Exhibits on the PBG website for details.

In April, Monique Moore will send the Prospectus for the May PBG Annual Show to members.  A $10.00 entry fee is in place and members may enter1 or  2 paintings for this price.    On May 7th, a reception will be held and Pam Mason is putting the event together.  Members, please be ready to bring goodies.


Social Director Joan Zivic will be bringing the information for our Spring luncheon at Fox Hollow.  

Be sure to show up with  your checkbook to pay for your epicurean delight.


Refreshments Chair, Pam Mason, thanked those who brought goodies.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva ( Merrie Wicks ) did not happen because the spotlight person was ill.


Sunshine Chair, BJ McLean has been busy sending cards.


Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell ( Shianne DeTamble and Freda Cox ) has no report.


Facebook Facilitator and Historian, Connie Cawfield had no report.


Publicity Chair is open.


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn had no report.


Summer Plein Aire Chairs, Mary Ellen Wolf and Donna Hartman are working on the list of places for us to paint.


Fall Trip Navigator, Sue Williams had no report.


Designer, Suzanne Maxwell, had no report.


New Business:  Nominating Committee for the 2023-24 Board included Susan Yeager, Mary Ellen Wolfe, Shianne DeTamble and Jai W.

The new board is Joan Zivic, President;  Vice President, Shirley Conrad;  Secretary, Patti Brougham;  Treasurer Linda Lippert.

Voted and passed are the following:

  1. There will be a total of 6 exhibits per year

  2. Members will pay $35 per workshop and non-members $50

  3. The guest artist of the workshop will be paid $600

  4. The juror for our annual show will be paid $250

  5. Each member may enter 1 or 2 paintings per annual show for a fee of $10


Under discussion is how the sign up will be put in place for the workshops starting in September 2023.  Right now it is left up to the digression of the workshop chairpersons.

Also starting a life drawing session after the business meeting.  Participants will take turns modeling….no fee.


The various committees will need members to chair the position,


Challenge: Bring a painting of an old school house to share in April.


Adjourned:  11:45am


Respectfully submitted by Patti Brougham






Vice President, Shirley Conrad, called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m.  She reminded members that there are three more exhibits left in this year to hang your paintings.  Each member must comply with with the PBG rules of hanging paintings in two exhibits  and attend three business meetings per year.


Secretary, Patti Brougham,  had the January 2023 business meeting minutes approved.


Treasurer, Linda Lippert, revealed a balance or $1796.13 as of this date.  

$145.00 went for a new PA system.


Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, revealed there are five new openings in the membership. 

Please contact Richard with names of artists who might be interested in joining.


Workshop Chair, Susan Yeager, announced February 15th  workshop artist is Andy Mallen (  She will be demonstrating how to paint an animal portrait in oil, however, workshop participants may use any media.  She asks for artists to have an 8x10 xerox copy of your subject and Susan will send the supply list.

Remember each month at the business meeting, a new workshop will be announced for that month and members may sign up and pay.  No Pay No Way can you attend.


Exhibit Chair Sub, Sue Williams, reminded members to add 20% to the price of your painting for each exhibit. 

When dropping paintings off at an exhibit have your paperwork done.  Sign your painting in and retreat.

Place the PBG exhibit card in the lower right hand corner of the framed piece.  Secure the card to the back of the frame with packaging tape.  To keep the card safe from being torn or crumpled in transport, grasp the card, pull it back behind the frame and attach it to the frame with putty.

There is a PBG exhibit now in the Parker Library

Roseann Gomez is hanging a show at the Goodson Recreation Center today, February 1st  at 12:15.

Littleton Hospital exhibit is in April. The theme for this show is Spirituality.  Please send a picture and specifics of the painting you are submitting to this show to Linda Libby by March 7th.

Belmar Library is in April.

Bemis Library is in May.  It is our juried show.

St. Andrews Methodist Church will hang from June 16th -July 21st.  The theme for this show is Spirituality.


Social Chairs, Nancy Cox and Joan Civic have reserved the Fox Hollow restaurant for our Spring 

Luncheon in May.  Details soon!


Refreshment Chair, Pam Mason, thanked Betty Carr and Jacquetta Green for today’s treats.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, introduced Beth Collins for today.


Sunshine Chair, BJ McLean, has been busy sending cards to many of our members.


Facebook Chair, Connie Caufield, was not present.


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, reviewed the book, Splash 6, which is in a series of watercolor painting books produced every year. Each book in our library has a color coded  swatch that matches the color on the basket where it resides.


Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell, has posted updates to our Guild’s Policies and Procedures on our website.  Will post member’s paintings in our Member Gallery when she receives them.  Please update your paintings


Summer Paint Outs Chairs, Mary Ellen Wolf and Donna Hartman are open to suggestions for our Wednesday summer plein air painting.


Fall Trip Chair, Sue Willlams, had no report.


Old Business -None


New Business-  Approved an increase of $100.00 from $150 to $250 to pay to the artist who juries the entries to our annual juried show.

Approved an increase of $5.00 from $5.00 to $10.00 as the entry fee to our juried show no matter how many paintings are submitted by the artist.

Up for discussion:  an increase in workshop cost per participant and an increase in the amount that is paid to our workshop teacher.  These increases would be made to keep our Guild up to date with the increases in the cost of living.


Meeting adjourned - 11:30


Respectively submitted by Patti Brougham





Officers: President,Evelyn Rockett, called the meeting to order at 10:00am. Secretary, Patti Brougham’s November business minutes were approved. Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $3865.73 as of 11/30 2022.

Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, declared 35 active members as some of our members moved to Emeritus status recently. Please let him know of anyone who might like to join.
A new membership roster will be coming out so check to see if your information is current. Your information must be up to date !!!!! Let him know of any changes.


Workshops Nancy Smyth, as part of the shared chair with Susan Yeager, filled us in on the upcoming pastel workshop with Cliff Austin, Wednesday, January 18th. His theme is about color and what it does.
Nancy will send a recent document Cliff has put together to the whole membership. Materials needed will be sent to participants.


Exhibits Chair, Linda Libby, thanked all who helped with the hanging and taking down of paintings at El Meson. Sharon Chinn and Shianne DeTamble sold paintings. Parker Library hangs from January 21 - February 28. Time is 10:00am for both hanging and taking down. Send a picture and information to Linda by Sunday, January 8th so she can send that information to the library. Linda will be out of town for the months of February and April and needs help with paintings at Goodson and Belmar. May is our end of the season juried show at Bemis.

Parker Hospital Show, Spirituality, is set for April-June. The start of our new hanging season is at St. Andrews Church in June with the theme of Spirituality. Check the PBG website for details.
Discussed new way of attaching PBG painting information cards to your painting using silly putty instead of tape!

You can email Linda to check your status of paintings shown this year at (
It was decided upon at the meeting that a straight 20% is to be added to the price of your painting- all shows will be set this way so there is no wondering what the percentage will be per exhibit.


The PBG Luncheon party planners Joan Zivic and Nancy Cox received kudos for our Christmas Luncheon meal at Toast in December. Our Spring Fling will be at Fox Hollow Golf Course........details later.


Refreshments were provided by Linda Libby and Mary Ellen Wolf.

Spotlight: Mary Ellen Wolf shared her Art Journey with us as our Spotlight Person,


Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell, asked that each member submit 4 of their paintings to be displayed on our PBG membership pages. Take photos with your iPhone and send them to —update your photos please.

Also pictures of the paintings that won a ribbon in last year’s show 2022, need to be sent to Suzanne for the upcoming juried art show poster. The sooner the better!!!!!!!


Sunshine BJ McLean has been busy sending cards to some of our members. Let her know if one of our artists needs a boost!


Summer Paint Out planners Mary Ellen Wolf and Donna Hartman are getting things together for a fabulous summer of plein air painting.


New Business:
     Richard is sending information about a February charity event for the Church he attends. He welcomes paintings from anyone who would like to contribute.

High Line Place Care Facility is looking for someone to teach a art class. Contact Sharon Chinn for further information.

     The Strata challenge is available to artists to sketch a picture every day— for a pit a month in September and January. Look for details on the Strata website.

     Emeritus status and active member status are the only places one can be a member. See by-laws and policies for more information,


Adjourned 11:30am

Respectfully submitted Secretary,Patti Brougham






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