The last Business Meeting of our season was held on Wednesday,

MAY 4, 2022 AT 10:00 AM



(Note: There are no business meetings in December, or in June, July, and August.



WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 2022 AT 11:30 am,













Paint Box Guild- May 4, 2022

President, Evelyn Rockett, called the meeting to order at 10:05 am. Vice President, Donna Hartman will be moving to Texas and Shirley Conrad will be our new Vice President.


Vice President Donna Hartman

Secretary, Patti Brougham, received confirmation of April’s business notes—stand approved.


Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $1989.03

Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, reported two vacancies in our membership.


Workshop Chairpersons, Susan Yeager and Nancy Smith are gathering information for the upcoming workshop schedule stating in the Fall of 2022. Once the workshop artists have been confirmed for the September-January dates, Susan will send out an email to let the membership know. Suzanne Maxwell will post the information on the PBG website. Information may be coming in August.


Social Chairpersons, Bettye Carr and Cele Bergstrom presented the information for the June 1st luncheon. Members will congregate at the Lansdowne Arms Restaurant at 11:30.


Refreshment Chair, Pam Mason, thanked Cele Bergstrom and Nancy Cox for today’s selection.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, introduced Shirley Conrad.


Exhibits Chairperson, Linda Libby, has secured a place each month for us to display our talented artists’ work. We hang at the Denver Community Credit Union for the summer. ALL upcoming venues can be viewed on the PBG website soon. Keep painting fellow artists.



Sunshine Chair, BJ McLean, sends cards to members for various reasons. She can only do her best if we let her know if someone needs a card,


Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell, reported some computer problems with our website which made it difficult for members to use. Things are fixed now and she will post any information the Guild needs to read on the website. Please make it a habit of checking our website to keep current on news.


FacebookFacilitator/Historian needs someone to occupy this position. Connie Canfield is no longer available.


Publicity Chair, Shianne DeTamble, met with Sonja at our Juried Show at Bemis Library which resulted in a great article in the Independent newspaper. I think Shianne is a good fir for this job,,,,,,,,thank you, Shianne.


Plein Air Chairpersons, Merrie Wicks and Shianne DeTamble will send out information as to where the group will meet for the Wednesday Plein Air sessions. A monthly schedule ( June, July and August ) will be posted on the website. An email will remind members each week where the group will gather. Remember you do not have to be a member to attend, however, if we are gathering at someone’s residence, one needs to check with the host/hostess.


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, made it clear that members can check out books and bring them back........the honor system.


Fall Trip Chair, Sue Williams, is out scouting for our trip. New Business


Old Business


Adjourned 11:30
Respectfully submitted on May 10, 2022 by Patti Brougham




Paint Box Guild April 6, 2022 Business Meeting

10:15 President, Evelyn Rockett, brought the meeting to order.


Vice-President, Donna Hartman, reminded members to sign the roster at every attended meeting. Our by-laws require attendance of three meetings per year.


Secretary, Patti Brougham, received approval of the March business meeting notes.


Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $2263.05. Dues were suspended for the past year because of the Covid pandemic but will resume September 2022-2023.


Membership Chairperson, Richard Simpson, introduced two new members, Marina Koustas and Jay Wangsai. Our membership is once again at full capacity. Gabrielle Jaramillo is next on our waiting list.


Workshop Co-Coordinators Susan Yeager and Nancy Smyth will fire up our workshop events next fall. If any member has a suggestion for a workshop, please see Susan.


Exhibits Chairperson, Linda Libby (via Fredia Cox), encouraged everyone to check the website for the list of venues and dates for is up to date. Beth Narva sold a painting at Parker Adventist Hospital. Mary Willams will review paintings to hang at the Denver Community Credit Union. We may have a new venue in November, El Meson Restaurant, in Littleton. Stay tuned........thanks Richard.

Social Chairpersons, Betty Carr and Cele Bergstrom, had no report.


Spotlight Chairperson, Beth Narva, introduced Richard Simpson to tell us about himself and his art journey.


Sunshine Chairperson, B J McLean, is back at it. Members are encouraged to email member, Rosemary Laughlin, as she navigates another hospital stay.


Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell, encouraged new and old members to send her 2-4 photos of some of their work to be posted in the Members Gallery. Just take a picture with your phone and text or email it to Susan. The website for our Guild is: all lower case:


Facebook Facilitator/Historian needs a new Chairperson,


Publicity Chair, Shianne DeTamble, contacted the Littleton Independent newspaper, questioning a lack of publicity for the Paint Box Guild. Two attempts were submitted for our juried show and there was no publicity. Reason: lots of news to put in and a small space to publish it so...................


Library Chairperson, Sharon Chinn, explained the Guild’s Library system for the new members. The honor system- borrow, use, return.

Plein Air Summer Paint Out Wednesdays is co-chaired by Merrie Wicks and Shianne DeTamble: it will begin on the second Wednesday in June. Places to paint will be posted on the website.


Old Business:
Paint Box Guild Juried Show: Thanks to many who stepped up to make the show and reception a success, especially Monique Moore (juried show), Pam Mason (reception), Linda Lippert (floral arrangement).Roseann Gomez (ribbons) and last but not least, Suzanne Maxwell (poster, cards, and program)
Show winners include: Sue Williams (Best of Show), Sue Williams (First Place), Richard Simpson (Second Place), Merrie Wicks (Third Place). Honorable Mention goes to: Linda Lippert for two of her paintings and Evelyn Rockett.
Ribbon winners please send a photo of your painting to Suzanne Maxwell to be used for next year’s publicity for our show.


New Business:
Pat Dall showed us how to get “inspired” to paint. She takes an image of a painting in a magazine and crops an area, then uses that image to spark a design and voila! Try it! Thanks, Pat, you’re a doll ( Dall )!

Adjourned: 11:20
Respectively submitted by Patti Brougham


Paint BoxGuild MARCH 2, 2022

President, Evelyn Rockett, called the meeting to order at 10:05

Vice-President, Donna Hartman, reminded members to sign in on the attendance sheet to get credit for this month.

Secretary, Patti Brougham, received approval for the February business meeting notes.

Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $2554.09. She renewed our PBG trademark with the state and we should be good until 2027.
She also paid the Church rental for March and April.

Membership Chairperson, Richard Simpson, reported our membership is at 38 members. We have 2 spaces available. Karen Shaw and Gwen Rafferty have left.

Workshop Phantom, via Evelyn Rockett, thanked Beth Narva for a wonderful and very successful workshop working with Yupo paper and webbing. On March 16th, Merrie Wicks, will show us how to Doodle and Beyond. Check the PBG website for workshop supplies.
If a space in a workshop becomes available, the waitlist will be the first place to check for someone to fill the spot. If a workshop spot is filled by a non-member, that person will pay $20.00 as declared in a motion by Fredia Cox and approved by PBG members attending the business meeting. Workshops will follow the snow day rules of the Littleton school district- if the schools close because of snow, there will be no workshop either.

Exhibit Chairperson, Linda Libby, requests members to check the website for all the up to date information.
Parker Adventist Hospital February-April.
Columbine Library March-April

Bemis Library, PBG Juried Show, April 1st. bring your painting(s) at 10:00am. Prospectus is on the website. Reception on April 3, 2-4pm- members are asked to participate- bin work ( up to 10 pieces ) can be brought by those artists who are participating in the juried show (availability only at the reception- bin work cannot be left unattended - all

transactions must be done away from the interior of the library). Show poster and program provided by Suzanne Maxwell.
Denver Community Credit Union hangs in May.
Elsewhere Collective in downtown Littleton would love to have some spring flower paintings. Kelsey Johnson is the owner. If a painting sells, a 30% commission is taken by the store.

Social Committee- no report
Refreshments brought to you by Suzanne Maxwell and Richard Simpson

Spotlight Artist, Colorado native Cele Bergstrom, entertained us with her life story.

Sunshine Keeper, BJ McLean, is keeping up with the cards.

Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell, reassured us the everything you need to know about the Juried show is on the website.....information is under Juried Show heading. In her spare time, she will print the program, invitation cards and poster for our show. Remember there is a PBG Members Gallery on the website where members can show up to 4 paintings ( old paintings can be switched out with new ones- send a picture of your new painting to Suzanne and let her know which one of your 4 you are switching out )

Facebook and Historian, Connie Canfield had no report.

Publicity Newbie, Shianne De Tamble, contacted Sonja, at the Littleton Independent to include our exhibits at Parker Hospital and Columbine Library. Our juried show information results will be published next month. Littleton is set on promoting Littleton as an “artful destination”.

Librarian, Sharon Chinn, reported that the books on animal drawing and painting will be found in the Special Subjects bin.

Plein Air Fun in the Sun is being provided by Merrie Wicks along with Shianne De Tamble- it starts the second week in June and will be every Wednesday. The scheduling will be done just 1-2 weeks at a time. Let the team know if you have a garden to paint !

Panic stricken, Sue Williams, needs time to plan the Fall Trip. Old business-

New Business-thanks to the nominating committee-Suzanne Maxwell, Nancy Cox, Linda Lippert and Ruth Miles for providing names for our Board 2021-2022: President-Evelyn Rocket, Vice President Shirley Conrad, Secretary-Patti Brougham and Treasurer-Linda Lippert.

Beth Narva provided a popsicle stick to decorate and use when we zoom.

Fredia and Sharon are showing at Capital Tea on Broadway.
Sue and Linda are taking a pastel class with Cliff Austin at the Curtis Center. The Whistler Cassat exhibit is at the Denver Art Museum.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30am Respectfully submitted by Patti Brougham



PBG Zoom Business Meeting FEBRUARY 2, 2022.

President, Evelyn Rockett, called the meeting to order at 10:10. Secretary, Patti Brougham, had the approval of January’s minutes.

Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $2269.72. Approved to buy new tablecloths for the organization.


Membership Coordinator, Richard Simpson, reported 39 members. There is one open spot.

Workshop Coordinator for today, Linda Lippert, reported that Pat Dahl’s Ink Resist workshop was in full attendance. Beth Narva’s Yupo paper and Webbing Workshop is scheduled for February 16th. The cost is $10.00 plus a materials fee ($2.00).
For all workshops: When the workshop is full, Linda will start a waitlist. If you signed up for the workshop and cannot attend, it is up to you to find a replacement. Call Linda for those on waitlist. PBG will NOT refund workshop money. At the beginning of each month, the supply list for the upcoming workshop will be sent.

Exhibits Coordinator, Linda Libby (Fredia Cox) requested strongly that members check the PBG website for up to date listings. March 1st, Columbine Library- Linda sent out an email of requirements and those who responded first, got to include those paintings in that limited space. April 1st is the PBG Juried Show at Bemis Library. Dean Buehler is the juror. Prospectus is being put together and should be out soon. The cost is $5.00 for two paintings. Suzanne Maxwell requested pictures of last years ribbon winners be sent to her so she can design a poster for the 2022 Juried Show. May is the Denver Community Credit Union and June 16-26 is St. Andrew’s Church.

Social Committee had no report.

Spotlight Chairperson, Beth Narva, will present Cele Bergstrom at next month’s meeting.

Sunshine Chairperson, B J McLean, is once again up and running and using her south paw to write cards.

Webmaster Group, Suzanne Maxwell, Fredia Cox and Shianne DeTamble had no report but reminded our members that paintings by them that are posted on our website can be updated or changed. Just sent pictures of your replacements to Suzanne Maxwell.

Facebook Chairperson, Connie Canfield, had no report.

Publicity Chairperson, Shianne DeTamble, will occupy this place as of right now. Freida Cox will send the information she needs to get things started.

Librarian, Sharon Rose, added three new books- 2 of them about drawing and painting animals.

Summer Paint Out Coordinators, Merrie Wicks and Shianne DeTamble are working on the list.

Fall Trip Planner, Sue Williams, has time to work on this- no report. OLD BUSINESS—use our website ( )

NEW BUSINESS—use our website ( ) Evelyn thanked Pat Dahl for her workshop. She has appointed a Nomination Committee for the 2022-23 PBG Board.

Adjourned 11:10
Respectfully submitted by Patti Brougham



JANUARY 5, 2022



President, Evelyn Rockett, called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

Secretary, Patti Brougham, received no corrections to December notes-stand approved.

Treasurer, Linda Lippert, announced our bank balance as $2323.30.

Membership, Richard Simpson, announced that Karen Shaw is leaving PBG.That leaves an opening for one person to join for our 40 person membership.

Workshop Coordinator, ____________, restated the January 19th workshop is with Pat
Dahl. She is showing artists how to do ink resist. An email has been sent listing supplies.

Cost to members is $10.00, paid to Paint Box Guild ( written out on a check ) or cash and given to Linda Lippert. Those taking any workshop must pay BEFORE the workshop. A check can be mailed to Linda anytime before taking the workshop.

Exhibit Coordinator, Linda Libby (Fredia Cox )), announced for members to please check the PBG website for a list of the exhibits for 2022.
Parker Adventist Hospital exhibit is on the first and second floors. To see the show, you must wear a mask.

The February venue, Atlas Coffee, has been CANCELLED.
March 1st, Columbine Library ( 7706 W. Bowles Boulevard, Littleton, CO ) 10:00 a.m. There needs to be a coordinator for this showing. If interested please call Linda Libby or Mary Clark.
2022 Juried Show is at Bemis Library, April 1st. 10:00 a.m. The juror is Dean Butler. Monique Moore is the coordinator along with Linda Lippert and Patti Brougham.

Social Coordinator, Cele Bergstrom, asked those who attended the Christmas luncheon to please give feedback to the committee so they can plan for the next luncheon.

Refreshments were provided by Shianne DeTamble and Beth Hanson.
Spotlight Coordinator, Beth Narva, introduced Sue Williams as the artist of the day.

Sunshine Coordinator, B. J. McLean, is temporarily out of order. She slipped and fell on her 80th birthday celebration in Las Vegas. Her painting hand is not working at this time.
Maria Bouziane also suffered a terrible mishap.

Get Well You Two!!!!!
Plein Air Coordinator, Merrie Wicks, has no report at this time.

Webmaster and Design Expert, Suzanne Maxwell, requested pictures of the paintings that won ribbons from our previous juried show be sent to her so she can use them to advertise our next show.

Old Business- none

New Business- the art challenge for February is Interiors.
Donna Hartman is taking a daily drawing challenge for the month of January. It is sponsored by Strada Easels. Find information on line.

Adjourned 11:10
Respectfully Submitted

by Patti Brougham




NOVEMBER 3, 2021


President, Evelyn Rockett, called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Vice-President, Donna Hartman, reminded everyone to remember to sign in at the front table.  Each member must attend two meetings per year.


Secretary, Patti Brougham, had no corrections to last month’s notes and  

October’s report was approved.

Treasurer alternate, Suzanne Maxwell, reported a balance of $2853.37.

An email from Linda Lippert sent congratulations to the winners of the PBG Juried Show.  December luncheon is $30.00.


Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, reported our membership is at forty members with one person on the waiting list.


Workshop Chair is open-  Beth Narva suggested having our own members present workshops this year.  The Guild would pay the instructor 

$200.00 for the presentation.  The instructor may charge a separate fee if supplies are provide by the presenter.  A workshop fee of $10.00 would be charged to the attendees——this idea was passed by a majority vote.

More information in new business.


Exhibit Chair alternate, Fredia Cox, sent out an email listing all of the exhibits and information for each.

January-March  Parker Adventist Hospital: if you want to participate send photo and information to Linda Libby ( no later than November 26th.  She will submit the entries to Mary Williams who will jury this show.   A reminder to members who sell paintings-  if the venue does not take a commission for sold paintings, the artist owes the Guild a ten percent commission.

November 7 Miniature Show at the Church 7am to 12pm.  


Social Chairpersons, BettY Carr and Cele Bergstrom, provided information for the December Luncheon at Landsdowne Arms in the Library room.  Pick an entree, pay $30.00 and bring a small (no larger than 5x7) wrapped painting.  See you on December 1st, at 11:30am.


Refreshment Chair, Pam Mason, thanked Bettye Carr and Joan Zivic for goodies.  January refreshments will be brought by Shianne DeTamble and Beth Collins.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, chose Monique Moore to share her artistic learning with our group.


Sunshine Chair, BJ McLean, has been busy sending cards.  If someone in The Guild is in need of some positive words, please let BJ know so she can send a card.


Webmaster, Suzanne Maxwell, keeps us up to date on the web. For the latest information log into


Facebook Facilitator and Historian, Connie Cawlfield, no report


Publicity Chair is open


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, no report


Summer Plein Air Chairs, Merrie Wicks and Marie Bouziane,  reported that Merrie will not be able to help Marie next year. Marie will need  another person to help.


Fall Trip, Sue Williams, is resting.


Designer, Suzanne Maxwell, needs pictures of the winning paintings from this year’s PBG Juried Show for the poster of the 2022 Show.


Old Business:  If the business Elsewhere in downtown Littleton stays open, PBG members many hang Winter scene paintings.  Freida Cox will keep us up to date on this venue. Look for an email from her about this.


New Business:  Five PBG members are interested in doing a workshop in 2022:  Beth Narva- Yupo paper and webbing, Richard Simpson- how his painting process works, Merrie Wicks- Zentangles, Pat Dall-ink resist.



11:30 adjourned

Respectfully Submitted, Patricia Broughan, Secretary





President, Evelyn Rockett, called the meeting to order at 10:10 on October 6th


Vice President, Donna Hartman, was present.


Secretary, Patti Brougham, made a correction to last month’s notes- B J McLean replaced Sharon Chinn for contributing to October’s refreshments.


Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported $2853.37 in our account.  Suzanne Maxwell, will serve as interim treasurer during her absence.


Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, reported a full membership of 40 members.  No one is on the waiting list at this time.  Name tags for new members are in the works.


Workshop Chair is empty and needs someone to step up.  Susan Yeager was able to get artist, Raj Chaudhuri, to come on September 28th and provide a workshop for 20 members.  Thanks to all participants,  the workshop was very successful.

Future workshops are on hold and will be discussed at the November meeting.


Exhibits Chair, Linda Libby, reported that the rest of this year and next are filled with showings for every month.  Members need to continually check the website{} for the most current information.  Members are helping set up and take down different venues.

Bemis Library hosted the juried show. Take down 10:00am, October 30

French Press Coffee Shop. Take down 2:00pm, October 31

Buck Center- November 1- 9:00am drop off  20% commission on any sale goes to the Center

Fricklin Hall at the Church- Miniature Show- November 7-  drop off 7:00am/ pick up noon

Lone Tree Recreation Center- November 30 10:00am drop off-December 30 9:00am takedown

ElseWear Collectables in downtown Littleton may have or has closed.  Further information coming.



Social Chair, Betty Carr, has not committed to a place for our December Luncheon.

Most likely it will be at Angelo’s Restaurant.  Bring check or money to the November meeting to secure your reservation.  Cele Bergstrom will replace Rosemary Laughlin, who has stepped aside because of health issues.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, introduced Linda Lippert as our guest artist.


Sunshine Chair, BJ McLean, was not present.


Refreshments Chair, Pam Mason, thanked Merrie Wicks and Patti Brougham for their October refreshments.  November meeting goodies will be brought  by Joan Zivic and Betty Carr.


Webmaster Chair, Suzanne Maxwell, reported that our website is run by WIX.  There is a 90% effectiveness rating for our site- meaning we have over 80 new visitors looking at our site.


Facebook Chair, Connie Cawlfield, was not present.


Publicity needs someone to represent our Guild.


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, was not present.


Summer Paint Out Adventures Chair, Merrie Wicks, reported this year has ended and it will begin again in June, 2022.


Fall Trip planner and host, Sue Williams, told many a tale of our trip to, Trinidad, CO, including our adventures with nocturnal painting.  Her research of  YouTube nocturnal artists proved very helpful to many.  A group photo was posted on line of all who attended.  Richard Simpson reported an online program called Gimp, similar to Procreate, that he uses for his photography and thus his references for his paintings.


Old Business:  


New Business:  

Past chair for our workshop events, Susan Yeager, is stepping down after providing the Guild with two years of working with various artists.  

This chair is now vacant and needs someone.  Bring your ideas for discussion at the November business meeting on how we can continue with this most cherished opportunity to work with different artists.


November 7 at Fricklin Hall at the Church the Guild is hosting a Miniature Show.

Coordinator, Fredia Cox, strongly advised active members be at the Church at 7:00am to drop off and help set up their spot to display their items.  This will be a new location so depending on time and the number of people present, things may get too chaotic and artists will need to leave.  This show can include crafts, jewelry, small paintings etc. as long as the item is made by you.  MAKE SURE EACH ITEM IS CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR INFORMATION so the selling transaction goes smoothly.  You will not be present!  10% commission goes to the Guild.  Pick up is 12’oclock sharp!


It takes a village- thanks to our juror Rick Brogan for judging our annual show at Bemis Library.  Drop off and hanging of the Show went smoothly thanks to the many volunteers.  Susanne Maxwell provided the poster and the program for this Show. A correction was made in the pamphlet for Merrie Wicks entry from Misty Blue Morning to Living Color.  

Covid restrictions are still in effect and a reception was not provided.

Meeting adjourned 11:15 


Submitted by Patti Brougham






Paint Box Guild September 1, 2021 10:10am


President, Evelyn Rockett, welcomed everyone back to our first meeting of the year.


Vice-President, Donna Hartman


Treasurer, Linda Lippert, reported a balance of $2983.90.  Those members who paid last years dues do not have to pay this year since our Guild was not able to function because of the Covid Pandemic.  If our balance becomes insufficient to cover our costs, Linda may revisit this issue later in 2022.


Membership Chair, Richard Simpson, sent out a list of members for the 2021-2022. New members include:  Karen Shaw, Bonnie Bressmer, MaryEllen Wolf, Beth Collins, Joan Zivic, and Richard, Simpson.  The membership is full with no one on the waiting list.  Updates will be emailed to membership.


Workshop Chair is vacant and needs to be filled.  

However, Susan Yeager, contacted Raj Chaudhuri, to teach a class on September 29, 10:00-3:00 at the church.  If you signed up for the workshop, send a check of $20.00 to treasurer, Linda Lippert, 8566 E. Kettle Avenue, Centennial, CO 80112. Check must be received by September 21st., no payments will be accepted after this date.  If you signed up and cannot commit,  you have the responsibility of contacting the next person on the waiting list. Susan Yeager has posted an email about this.


Exhibits Chair, Linda Libby, is looking for someone to co-chair!  She needs someone to cover her position when she is traveling.  She has sent out a calendar that includes all of our commitments for hanging our art at different establishments around the city.  She posted the September schedule on the website-  A copy of the Exhibit Form is also found on our website.

Fredia Cox will be heading up the juried show at Bemis Library, October 4th., 10:00 drop off time.  The Prospectus will be sent to the membership and can be accessed on the PBG website. There are no size restrictions. Rick Brogan is the juror.  One or two paintings may be submitted and there is a $5.00 fee to enter, per[1]  artist[2] .  If a painting is not accepted, the artist will be called and is responsible for coming and getting the painting by 1:00.  There will not be a reception due to Covid restrictions.


The Social Committee Co-Chairs, Rosemary Laughlin and Betty Carr, had no reports. 

Two luncheons are scheduled for this year, Wednesday, December 1, 2021 and Wednesday, June 1st 2022. 


Refreshment Chair, Pam Mason, has every month filled. Thank you to Pam, Fredia and Sharon for hosting the September meeting.


Spotlight Chair, Beth Narva, introduced a new format for this member/artist

monthly presentation:  

  1.  A 10 minute summary of your life- background ( where you grew up, family)

  2. When you got the art bug ( influential artists, how long you have been painting)

  3. What brought you to the Paint Box Guild

  4. Bring samples of your art and be available to talk to members during the break about your masterpieces  

Evelyn Rockett started us off with a BANG!


Sunshine Chair, B J McLean sends out many cards each month to our members for various reasons whether it be a thank you note,  a condolence card, even a get well card!  If you want a card to be sent from our Guild, be sure and contact B J. She appreciates your input!


Website Chair, Suzanne Maxwell, puts everything about our Guild on the   Meeting notes, calendar, exhibits, forms,  juried show information, fall trip information and much more.  You can access an extensive description of our exhibit calendar under Exhibits. Scroll down and you will find it.  Check it out!

You will need a password to access the Membership pages

Suzanne also answers inquiries that come through our email address:

If you are a member and would like to show some of your work in our member gallery on the website, email your pictures , 3 to 4 paintings ( photographed without the glass ),to Suzanne at

Suzanne needs pictures of the paintings that won ribbons at the 2019 Juried Show so she can make a poster for the upcoming show.


Facebook Facilitator, Connie Cawlfield, can post your paintings on the Paint Box Guild wall in Facebook.  Contact her for further instruction.  ( )


Publicity Chair, Nancy Smith, had no report.


Library Chair, Sharon Chinn, restated where our library is located in the locked cupboard and members can check out books on the honor system.  The specific art media is shown on the front of the book crate.  If you want to donate a book, contact Sharon (


Summer Paint Out Chairs, Merrie Wicks and Maria Bouziane, provided various places to paint on each Wednesday this summer.  Because our weather may continue to be warm and dry, Wednesday, September 15 at Marie Bouziane’s garden, Wednesday, September 22 at Reynold’s Landing are logged in as painting opportunities.  If the weather takes a turn the plein air day will be cancelled.


Fall Trip Coordinator, Sue Williams, will have a meeting with those members going to Trinidad after this business meeting.  The Fall Trip dates are Tuesday, September 21-Friday, September 24.


Old Business: for the new members The Guild paints every Wednesday at the Church from 10-3 weekly!  Come and join us for a day to paint with others, bring your lunch and enjoy!


New Business:  Fredia Cox is co-hosting the juried show in October and will be calling on new members to help.

The Miniature Show at Ficklin Hall at the Church is Sunday, November 7, 7-12 o,clock.  Each participating member must bring his/her things ( small paintings, jewelry, cards etc. ) to sell to the church at 7am and set up their own display.  Pricing is up to each artist and 10% of their sales go to the Guild.  Items not sold need to be picked up at 12:00 the same day.


Meeting adjourned 11:25am, motioned by Donna Hartman and a second by B J McLean.

Respectfully Submitted

Patricia Brougham






Paint Box Guild
Business Meeting Minutes 
May 4, 2022