The next Business Meeting will be held on Wednesday,

September 1, 2021


Paint Box Guild  May 5, 2021  



President   Evelyn Rockett   called the meeting to order outside at The Depot Art Store because of Covid 19.


Vice-President  Donna Hartman


Secretary  Patti Brougham  (substitute Merrie Wicks)


Treasurer  Linda Lippert  $3275.21 as of 3/31.  Ann Neal moved that if a member paid dues in 2021 then dues do not need to be paid in 2022 -passed.


Membership  Monique Moore  new member Karen Shaw.  There are 36 members on the roster with one more potential member.


Workshop  Pat Dall


Exhibits  Linda Libby  The Exhibit calendar is posted on the PBG website

 A total of 14 sales at our venues so far this year.  September, February and May are the only months that did not have a venue scheduled for a PBG show.  Castle Rock Hospital takedown is in June with specifics to come.  October 2021 French Roast Coffee Shop in Lakewood can hang 60-70 paintings.


Social  Betty Carr and Rosemary Laughlin  Luncheon  11:30 at Angelo’s Traverna, 6885 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton , Colorado 80210


Refreshments  Pam Mason


Spotlight  Beth Narva  PBG artists include:  Linda L.,  May C., Monique M., Kathleen W., Pat D. and Cele B.


Sunshine B.J.McLean


Webmaster Suzanne Maxwell will add the luncheon information and exhibit information to PBG website.


Facebook Facilitator and Historian Connie Canfield  no report


Summer Plein Air Marie Bouzianne and Merrie Wicks a monthly calendar will be available at the luncheon and posted on the PBG website in the near future.


Fall Trip  Sue Williams has a meeting for those interested after the PBG meeting.

Information for it is on our web site. 


Old Business  none

New Business  March 2022 Juried Show will be at Bemis Library.   Roseanne and Monique will manage the event.

Adjourned 10:40 a.m.


Respectfully submitted Patti Brougham & Merrie Wicks


April 7, 2021
The April 7, 2021 The Zoom Business Meeting of the Paint Box Guild was called to order at 1:15 pm by Vice President, Donna Hartman.
Those in attendance via the Zoom Meeting were:
Donna Hartman, Fredia Cox, Sue Williams, Merrie Wicks, Linda Lippert, Linda Libby, Harry Postlethwait, Patty Brougham, Shirley Conrad, Pat Dall, Betty Carr, Pam Mason, Maria Bouziane, Monique Moore, Roseann Gomez, and Suzanne Maxwell.
The March 4, 2021 Minutes of the PBG Business Meeting were read by Fredia Cox. One addition was made that Merrie Wicks had also sold a painting along with Sue Williams and Sharon Chinn from the Littleton Adventist Hospital Show.
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Linda Lippert reported a balance of $3,445.21 in the Guild’s checking account, A reimbursement had been made to Linda Libby for purchasing a new box of PBG ID cards to be used by members on their paintings in shows. Linda also reported that she signed the contract with the First Presbyterian Church of Littleton and paid rent for the months of April and May 2021 for the Guild to use Ficklin Hall for the Wednesday paint days at the church. At this time we are limited by the Governor’s office due to Covid restrictions, to a group of no more than 15 people, and masks must be worn. Linda purchased items that we were running low on (related to hanging shows) to our Guild’s tool box that needed to be replenished. 

Committee Reports:
Membership - Monique Moore said that there are 36 active members. Linda Lippert gave information about our Guild to a prospective member, Chris Connelly, while hanging the show at the Philip Miller Library. Suzanne, who monitors the PBG Gmail account daily (, will be on the lookout for this person as well as any prospective people wanting information on our Guild.

Workshops - Pat Dall will contact the artist who wishes to give us an online workshop in acrylics and using a credit card for texture relative to setting up a link for this..

Exhibits - Linda Libby. The show at the Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock was hung April 5 by our volunteers Joan Close has already sold a painting the first day. Linda Lippert who handled the hanging reported that Patty Handby (from the Library) mentioned that they appreciated our prices were affordable. Linda thanked those volunteers  that had hung this show as there were many paintings and it was a big time consuming job. This show will be up until May 21, 2021.
The Denver Community Credit Union exhibition will be removed April 29th between 9-10:00 am.
Atlas Coffee Shop - at 117 West Ken Caryl Avenue. The hanging will  be coordinated by Merrie Wicks. This is a miniature show with no painting larger than 8 X 10”. Only those members that signed up initially will be able to hang paintings. 
Atlas Coffee Shop - at 6504 South Broadway. We will be the first art group to show at this venue (formerly Solid Grounds Coffee Shop). Send Linda Libby an email if you wish to hang a piece in this show. She requires the artist’s name, title of piece, medium, price, and SIZE OF PAINTING. We will only be hanging in what was the downstairs part of that facility. Smaller pieces allow more space for paintings. They are talking about putting in a hanging system for paintings in that room.
Fredia Cox REPORTED THAT THE SHOW AT CASTLE ROCK ADVENTIST, AT 2350 Meadows Parkway is open to staff and not the general public during Covid times. The doors to that hallway are closed. If someone wants to see the paintings, a person from their front desk will escort them to the Healing Arts Exhibit. Thank you Sue Williams for helping transport and hanging the show with Mary Williams.
Goodson Rec Center - A Guild show will hang from June 1 through 30th.
Littleton Hospital - Both Sharon Chinn and Sue Williams have sold paintings in this show. Members that will pick up their paintings on March 30 were Monique, Merrie, Linda Libby.
At this time we are off for July and August but will start shows again in September.
Bemis Library - We have shows scheduled there in Sept. 2021, and Feb. and May of 2022.
Linda Libby will send publicity information to Sonja Ellingboe at the Independent papers for our shows.

Sunshine - BJ McLean. BJ is out of town but Suzanne reported that a sympathy card was sent to Shianne DeTamble for the loss of her husband on behalf of the Guild. Also, a thank you card was sent to Linda Libby’s daughter Jennifer, for her help with setting up the spread sheet for exhibits, and for setting up the Contract for guild members to sign and submit, in order to show paintings at the Philip Miller Library.

Fall Trip - Sue Williams. Sue took a count of how many might be interested in a trip in mid to late September to Trinidad, CO. Sue and Bill will plan a trip there to check out amenities, lodging, restaurants, etc. for our group. About 11 members are interested is going so far.

Summer Plein Air Painting - Merrie Wicks and Maria Bouziane. It was discussed and voted on that we would schedule our paint outs one month at a time (rather than the whole summer). This will make any rescheduling easier for the group. Both Iris-4-U and Chatfield Gardens were suggested as possible sites.

Recording Secretary - Patty Brougham has volunteered to take our minutes as recording secretary effective with the May 2021 business meeting. THANK YOU PATTY!!!

Refreshments - Pam Mason. No report.
Spotlight - Beth Narva. No report.
Facebook - Connie Cawlfield. No report.
Publicity - Nancy. No report.
Library - Sharon Chinn.  No report.
History. - No report.

Old Business/New Business
Our Paint Box Guild Business Meeting for May 5, 2021 is at 10:00 am will be held outdoors at the Depot Arts Center, on Powers Avenue. There is plenty of free parking.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Patty Brougham, and seconded by Roseann Gomez.
Respectfully submitted Suzanne Maxwell and Fredia Cox.
March 3, 2021
The Zoom meeting was called to order by President Evelyn Rockett at 1:02 pm March 3, 2021.


Those in attendance were:  Roseann Gomez, Evelyn Rockett, Donna Hartman, Fredia Cox, Connie Cawlfield, Linda Lippert, Linda Libby, Pat Dall, Maria Bouziane, Joan Close, BJ McLean, Ruth Miles, Patty Brougham, Monique Moore, Shirley Conrad, Sue Williams, Suzanne Maxwell. 


The February minutes were read by Suzanne Maxwell and were approved with one correction. Fredia Cox stated that the upcoming Plein Air Convention in Denver in May has been cancelled because of Covid. 


Treasurer’s Report - Treasurer Linda Lippert reported a balance in our checking account of $3,475.67. Same as last month as nothing has been paid out. Linda requested that if a chair person has expenses that need to be reimbursed, please mail them to her with your receipt for reimbursement. Linda has reordered the Paint Box ID cards to be attached to paintings.


Workshops-Pat Dall was contacted by an artist that does a virtual demo workshop and has one available. He works in acrylic. His demo is how to use a credit card for texture. The cost would be $125 and he would send a link so we could view the demo when convenient. The information will be announced.


Exhibits-Linda Libby-To keep everyone organized on what shows are happening when, Linda will be sending an Excel spreadsheet to all with the arrival and pickup dates for shows so we can stay organized as some shows overlap. 


We are committed to bringing 40 to 70 paintings to the April 5th show at the Philip Miller Library in Castle Rock, 100 South Wilcox St, Castle Rock. This show is called “New Beginnings” and will run from April 5th through May 21st. Linda will be sending out a contract to us for the Miller Library and we are to fill it out and return it back to her by March 17th. We should fill out a PBG card and put it on the back of each painting and also fill out and bring an Inventory sheet of our paintings. Members are required to submit names of paintings, medium, and prices to Linda by March 17. Linda Libby will submit the list to Patti Handby at the Library electronically.

Linda Lippert & Donna Hartman will be there at 9 am to set up. Sheila, Donna, Shirley, Fredia, Linda, and Ev have volunteered to hang the paintings.


Atlas Coffee Shop 11757 West Ken Caryl Ave., Littleton. Miniature Show nothing over 8 X 10. To run May 1 through May 31, Atlas Coffee Shop has bought the old Solid Grounds Coffee Shop but the downstairs part only. They are willing to have us do a show in there at a time to be determined.


Pending: Goodson Rec Center June 1 through 30, Buck Rec Center (they will let us know firm dates), Lone Tree Rec Center (they will let us know firm dates).


Littleton Hospital Both Sharon Chinn and Sue Williams have sold paintings in this show. Members that will pick up their paintings on Match 30 are Monique, Merrie, Linda Libby, and BJ. 


We will have 3 shows coming later this year and next including our juried shows at Bemis Library. Details to come later.


Social - no report


Library - no report


Spotlight - no report


History - no report


Old Business - New Business

The committee for Guild officers met to propose that the same slate of officers and committee persons from last year be extended to this year. It was passed unanimously by the group.


Linda Lippert proposed that we will have our business meeting again in April via Zoom. In May we will try to meet at an outdoor venue (weather permitting). Donna stated that she has the “magic microphone” at her house and will bring it the next time we have a business meeting in person. Beginning April 14 Linda Lippert said we can have our Wednesday paint days at the church but can only have a group of 10 of us (per the Governor’s orders), so you need to make a reservation with Linda if you want to come paint with the group. First come, first served. Linda will meet with Elinor, the church secretary to sign a contract and pay rent for April and May.


Meeting was adjourned by Roseann Gomez, and seconded by Maria Bouziane.


Respectfully submitted by Suzanne Maxwell and Fredia Cox.