PBGuild Guidelines for Member Exhibits

  1. You must submit a “Paint Box Guild Exhibit Submission Form” when you bring your paintings in to hang. Blank forms are available on the paintboxguildlittleton.org web site or Roseann or I can provide a copy for duplication. If your printer is not working or you do not have a printer, Kinkos can accommodate making copies for a nominal cost.

  2. Two Paint Box Cards must be included with your submission. One is to be permanently attached to the back of your painting and one on the front. The front card is to be slipped between the frame and the glass or attached from the back, preferably on the right hand side. The card should hang tightly just below the frame or canvas with no tape visible from the front. Use a firm tape, Scotch tape tends to rip easily or fall off. Cards are located in the back cabinet in the meeting room or Roseann has a supply.

    For continuity of the exhibit, all cards should be printed in BLACK INK.

    Please obtain the cards you need and fill them out prior to bringing paintings in for hanging. It is very disruptive trying to find cards, exhibit forms, pens and tape for members while trying to check in paintings and get them hung. If you are bringing in paintings for someone else, make sure you collect their forms and that cards are properly attached.

    Also, pay attention to e-mails provided before an exhibit. The e-mail may contain instructions unique to a particular venue such as no pricing information to be displayed, no personal information to be included or cards must be attached to the paintings because no cards may be attached to the venue walls.

  3. Appearance. Frames must be clean, without chips, dings or scratches and glass needs to be fingerprint and chip free. Poor condition only detracts from the art you worked so hard to produce and reflects poorly on the quality of the entire show. There are touch up pens available that will match most wood tones as well as black, silver and gold. These will bring new life to that thrift store gem. Evaluate what you are selling, if you would not pay $25 dollars or more for the frame you are hanging your painting in, neither will anyone else.

  4. Wiring. This is still an issue with some of the paintings submitted for hanging. Below is what the back of your painting should look. Slack and loose wires cause the paintings to hang crooked or fall away from the wall. Wire ends should be tightly wrapped and taped. Use D-rings, no eye hooks or saw-tooth hangers are allowed because they can damage a wall or come loose from the frame. Try hanging your painting at home before you bring it in and see if it hangs straight We still have an issue with wires breaking or coming loose.

    There are a number of framing how-to and videos available on the internet and on Youtube, google them.

     Linda Libby


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