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 (Always review Hanging Expectations below and how to handle sales)

Please remember to add 20% commission 

May 5 2024 2:00 - 4:00PM  Bemis Reception 6014 S. Datura St. Littleton 80120. Contact Monique Moore to help.  All PBG Members are welcome to attend.

May 31 2024 10:00AM  Take Down Bemis Juried Show 6014 S. Datura St. Littleton 80120.  Contact Monique Moore to help. 10% PBG

June 28 2024 10:00AM Take Down Littleton Adventist Hospital 7700 S. Broadway Littleton 80120.  Contact Beth Collins to help.  20%LAH 

...………2024 - 2025 ....


July (tbd) 2024  Columbine Library 7706 W. Bowles Ave. Littleton 80123.

15 paintings needed.  Contact Fredia Cox in advance if interested.  

Take Down end of July (tbd) 20% CL

October (tbd) 2024 Buck Rec Center  2004 Powers Ave. Littleton 80120.

20 paintings needed.  Contact Beth Collins to curate or help.

Take Down end of Oct (tbd) 2024 20% BRC

November (tbd) 2024 Goodson Rec Center. 6315 University Blvd.  Centennial 80121.  15 paintings needed.  Contact Beth Collins to curate or help.

Take Down end of November (tbd) 2024 20% GRC


Jan 1 (pending) 2025 Columbine Library 7706 W. Bowles Ave. Littleton 80123.

15 paintings needed.  Contact Beth Collins or Linda Libby to curate or help.  

Take Down end of Jan 31 (pending) 20% CL


Jan 10 2025 8:00AM St Andrew Methodist Church 9302 S. University Blvd. Highlands Ranch 80126.  60-70 paintings needed depending on size.

Contact Linda Libby to help (5-6 helpers required).  Gallery wrapped paintings

required minimum of 1 3/8" thickness and edges painted in style of painting.    

Reception Jan 12 10:00AM Bring cookies/bars (no donuts)

Take Down Feb 19 2025 4:00PM 20% donation suggested. UMC (or 10% to PBG)

Reception Jan 12 10:00AM St Andrew Methodist Church 9302 S. University Blvd. Highlands Ranch 80126.  Bring cookies/bars (no donuts).  All PBG members are welcome to come and enjoy the art and speak with interested visitors.    

Jan 31 (pending) 2025 Take Down Columbine Library 7706 W. Bowles Ave. in Littleton 80123.  Contact Beth Collins to help (2 helpers required). 20% CL

Feb 19 2025 4:00PM Take down St. Andrew Methodist Church  9302 S. University Blvd. Highlands Ranch 80126.  Contact Beth Collins to help (4-5 helpers required). 20% donation suggested UMC (or 10% to PBG)

March April 2025 (To be determined) El Meson.  Contact Beth Collins to curate or help. 10%PBG

May Bemis Juried Show (to be determined) Contact Monique Moore to help.




October (tbd) through December (tbd) Downtown ZING Credit Union ArtWallWalk Gallery.  Contact Beth Collins to curate or help.  10%PBG 


Koelbel Library (tbd) Spring 2026 - application pending approval






Paint Box Guild members who sell paintings at PBG exhibitions handle their own direct sales. When a buyer wants to purchase one (or more) of our paintings at an exhibition, we receive the buyer's name and phone number either from the facility exhibiting our art or, sometimes, a buyer will call us directly from our contact information on our PBG card displayed on the bottom lower right of our painting. We should then contact the individual, set up a time and place to meet with them which should be on or after the exhibition closes. Sometimes the buyer wants the painting NOW due to their circumstances. If so, we should check with the member that curated the show.  It would be helpful to have a painting on hand to replace the empty space if needed. After the sale and the artist has been paid, the artist is responsible for paying the commission to the facility. If the commission is due to PaintBox Guild, please make out the check to same and give it to our treasurer. If the artist is unsure who receives the commission, check with our curator who will know.


Buyers generally like to meet and visit with the artist who created the piece. They sometimes want background information on the concept or location of your painting. A positive meeting can sometimes create a collector of your work.

Good luck with your sales!


Guidelines for Paint Box Guild BEMIS JURIED SHOW


All members are expected to deliver and pickup their own paintings or make arrangements with someone else to do so.  Please do not expect the committee to care for abandoned paintings or wait for late comers.


1.  All paintings must be wired for hanging.  Refer to PBG Frame Wiring Standards.   Any paintings not meeting the standards cannot be accepted for the exhibit.  Paintings may also be rejected for damaged frames or paintings not secure in frames.  Check glass for fingerprints.  The committee is not responsible for cleaning or making repairs.  Quality does count.  


2.   All work must be for sale.  Some venues charge a commission.  If the       venue does not charge, PBG takes a 10% commission.  


3.  Two Paint Box Guild cards must be included with your submission. Please pick up a supply at a meeting in order to have these available to you.  Fill in all information by printing in BLACK INK only.  Attach one card to the back of your painting; you may also attach your business card.  Another card is attached, face forward, to the back of the frame to hang just below the frame on the lower right-hand corner.  No tape should be visible from the front.  Use stronger tape such as shipping tape (Do not use masking, painters or scotch tape).


4.  You must also bring an inventory sheet at check-in.  Please check website to print your copy.  Please complete the inventory sheet to include location and date of the exhibit, your name and phone number along with your painting's name, medium and price. 


5.  Once you have checked in your work, please leave the location unless       your are part of the hanging committee.  If you sell a painting, it is best for the purchaser to pick it up at the end of the show, unless there are special circumstances and this is discussed with the Exhibits Chair.  The exchange of money must occur outside the library walls (in their parking lot is acceptable).  


6.  Each time we show, visitors form an opinion of our collective work and        of our group.  We want them to associate The Paint Box Guild with only the highest quality of work and we know that with everyone’s cooperation this is an easy goal.



Paint Box Guild of Littleton


  1. You must submit a “Paint Box Guild Exhibit Submission Form” when you bring your artwork to hang. Blank form to print from are available on the website. If your printer is not working or you do not have a printer, Staples, Office Max or Kinkos can accommodate making copies for a nominal cost.

  2. A PBG card must be securely attached to the bottom right hand corner hanging down from artwork (NOT DANGLING! from ribbon or tape).  
    Use stronger such as mailing tape(AVOID Scotch, Artist tape and Masking tape as they tend to rip easily and the card can drop off.)  No tape should be showing and the label should be level with the bottom of the frame. All cards should be printed legibly in BLACK INK.  The second card should be attached as a spare to the back of the painting.  Try to use only enough tape to attach it without getting too much tape on the front of the card in case it ever needs to be used to replace a tag that has fallen off.  We try to keep the appearance as professional as possible.

    Also, please securely attach your own business card or a third PBG card to the back of your painting as a permanent form of identification.  

  3. PBG Exhibition Card(s) will be provided by Exhibit Committee at 1st Wednesday Business meetings.  Please obtain the cards you need and fill them out prior to bringing your artwork for hanging.  Please understand that it is very disruptive trying to locate cards, exhibit forms, pens and tape for members while trying to check in paintings and get them hung.  If you are bringing in paintings for someone else, please make sure you collect their forms and that cards are properly attached and ends of wires are wrapped.

  4. Pay attention to emails provided before an exhibit. The email may contain instructions unique to a particular venue such as no pricing information to be displayed, no personal information to be included, or the venue will provide their own cards and the PBG card is not required.

  5. Appearance - Frames must be clean, without chips, dings or scratches.
    Glass needs to be fingerprint and chip free.
     Poor condition only detracts from the art you worked so hard to produce and reflects poorly on the quality of the entire show. There are touch up pens available that will match most wood tones as well as black, silver, and gold. These will bring new life to that thrift store gem. Evaluate what you are selling. If you would not pay $25 dollars or more for the frame you are using, neither will anyone else.

  6. Wiring - Slack and loose wires cause paintings to hang crooked or fall away from the wall.  Always try hanging your artwork at home before you bring it and see if it hangs straight and tight against the wall.  Wire ends should be tightly wrapped and taped to avoid wall damage.  Use D-rings (no eye hooks or sawtooth hangers are allowed) because they can damage a wall or come loose from the frame.

    There are a number of framing how-to videos available on the internet and on youtube. Please Google them.

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