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Workshop Schedule for the Third Week of the Month

2021/2022 year. They are as follows:

May 18, 2022 - Suzanne Maxwell, Watercolor Flowers.





















May 18, 2022 -- Suzanne Maxwell -- Watercolor Flowers 

Wet in Wet

My workshop is designed for everyone, no matter what your level of mastery is with the watercolor medium. We will have fun and splash around with the wet in wet technique. I will begin with a demo and give you tips and techniques I have learned over the years. Then, you will all be provided with a pre-drawn, 8X10" (to save time) flower picture on Arches paper so you can practice your skills, and an instruction sheet. I will come around to work with each of you and answer any questions you may have. To those who normally work in other mediums, I ask that you put aside your techniques used there, and just go with the flow of working in a different way. In watercolor you will find that "less is more" and the most effective results are "one and done." Hopefully we will accomplish this before lunch. After our break, you are free to use your own reference photos and supplies to create your own masterpieces in watercolor. I will be available to work with each of you individually throughout our session. 

Suggested supply list:

Paper: A good cold press watercolor paper is recommended like Arches 140 lb.

Brushes: A good assortment of round and flat watercolor brushes. (Don't break the bank on these, a synthetic with a good point will do it.)

Paint: I recommend a good grade of paint as they have a more dense amount of pigment.

I like Winsor & Newton but there are other excellent cheaper brands.

Suggest: Cad yellow light, Cad Orange, Burnt Sienna, Cad red light, Opera Rose, Rose Madder genuine, Alizarin Crimson, Dioxazine purple, blue violet, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, sap green, Hookers green, Perylene green, Perylene violet. If you don't have any of these, I will have them and will give out an amount on your palette.

Palette: A watercolor palette with a lid, or a plastic plate or a foam plate.

Spray water bottle, 2 water container(s), Viva paper towels (plain, with no imprinted texture), mounting board for your paper, artists tape, reference photos, drawing pencil, kneaded eraser, and any gadgets you watercolorists may have.


There will be a $10.00 fee for each workshop.




Instructors sometime require no more than 15 - 20.   All workshops must be paid in advance, preferably at the business meeting of each month and given to the Treasurer, Linda Lippert. 


Normally, members pay $20/Non-Members $35. Since we are giving member hosted workshops for January through May of 2022, the member-given workshops will be $10 per person.  Make checks payable to Paint Box Guild, note on the memo line of the check which workshop it's for, with your name, or if paying by cash, place in an envelope with your name and amount, noting cash enclosed.


A list will be at the front signup table at the business meetings and copies of bios/supplies when available or sent via email. These will be posted on the website. We will also send out an email each month to those who've signed up, and a supply list the week of the workshop if not before. 


All Workshops begin at 10 a.m., arrive early enough to set up your space.


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