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We had a lovely Miniature Show this year. There were more shoppers and our sales are beginning to recover from the unfortunate series of medical lockdowns of last year. Attached are some photos taken at the show by Fredia Cox.



















We accept checks and cash, we do not accept charge cards.

Items must be paid for at the time they are purchased. Items asked to be held must be at our discretion. Often church members select an item, but are in a hurry and come back at the end of the show. We provide shopping bags.


A 10% commission is owed to Paint Box Guild. Suzanne Maxwell handles sales, and the commission will be taken before payment is issued at the January business meeting.  Keep your prices low for better sales, but no more than $100.


We are grateful for volunteers, but can only except one more. We appreciate those who have volunteered in years before but it is time someone new stepped up.  

This must be in an email to me. The earliest one I receive will be our volunteer, the second person I hear from will be a backup and I will let you know acordingly. In the event of a volunteer not being able to make it that day, the next who responded will be asked to help.


Early participants may set up their own display and leave before 8 a.m. We set up  and take down at 7a.m. at 12:30 p.m. giving time for church members to come before, between and after services. I will try to be there at 6:30 a.m. Tables will be covered.  There are meetings held after services so it is important that you come to  collect unsold work at 12:30.  Please be on time.  If there are still shoppers, we will extend the time but we must be out no later than 1:00. 


Each person is responsible for their own supplies they bring in which does include what you bring them in. 

Please ID each, bags, boxes, easels, etc. You must provide your own easels, racks, any props that will show your work to the best advantage for shoppers or they will be laid flat on a table. ID EVERY ITEM LEGIBLY &SECURELY ATTACHED. Tags with strings can be used for pricing. Price tags can be put on the back in order not to cover up the work. MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU MUST PUT YOUR NAME OR INITIALS ON YOUR ITEMS' PRICE TAGS. IT IS THE ONLY WAY SUZANNE CAN IDENTIFY WHO SOLD WHAT WHEN WRITING UP SALES AND GIVING OUT SALES CHECKS.  You might lose a sale if things aren't identified properly. Pricing is up to the individual. AN INVENTORY SHEET(include a cell phone #) MUST BE HANDED TO SUZANNE WHEN CHECKING IN.  Provide a second copy in the container you bring your items in.


Business cards can be displayed in a holder or laid flat on the table or attached to the back of your item. 

We simply do not have the space for members to come and stay and chat. Three people are all we need, Suzanne, a volunteer, and myself. We must keep noise to a minimum.    PBG members and any guests can certainly shop during Sunday School time at 9:00 am and Regular Worship at 10:00 a.m.  


We have to put a limit on the number of items this year, but that will depend on the number of participants.  So it is important that we receive a committment in writing in an email in advance asap as to participation and the type of items you wish to put in. Naturally larger items take up more space. 


You must provide your own easels, racks, etc, or they will be laid flat on a table which does take up more space.

You may bring cloths or other items to decorate your space.  Miniature paintings show best when framed. 8x10 paintings are considered miniature but if they are matted and framed, an 11x14 frame is too large. Unframed, matted watercolors in clear plastic sleeves present nicely and take up less room. 

Gallery wrapped canvases are ok and edges should be painted. Saw tooth hangers are allowed this show only!


We look forward to a variety of items by everyone and a successful show.


Fredia Cox -

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